5 Photo Booth Ideas for Maximum Exposure

A photo booth is a great way to attract and entertain your guests at any event. And with photo-sharing technology, the appeal of a photo booth goes further than the confines of your venue – custom-branded images and videos from your party can be viewed by friends of your guests, anywhere in the world, gaining you valuable publicity. So if you’re looking for ways to boost your profile, try these 5 popular photo booth ideas for maximum exposure.

1.    Hen party

As long as there are nightclubs, there will be hen parties to fill them, so a hen party photo booth theme is guaranteed to be well-used. The classic hen do has a distinctive, outrageous look of its own, so for the ultimate in hen party kitsch, fill your photo booth with tiaras, L-plates, sashes and bridal veils. Don’t forget bubbles for an injection of hen-party fun, and banners, badges and signs for the bride-to-be and her closest pals. There’s room for a whole group of hens to fit inside a Shoot Systems photo booth at once – and they won’t be able to resist sharing and tagging the pics on Facebook and Instagram.

2.    Festival fun

Festivals and carnivals are the epitome of summer fun. Maximise the festival vibe in your photo booth with glitter, sombreros, eye masks, sunglasses, balloons and flags. Rainbows, flower garlands, CND signs and tie dye can complete the laid-back hippy look – or for a rock star style that’s super-cool, use cardboard shades, guitars, amps and microphones. Either way, they’ll make for high-quality photos that are eminently shareable.

3.    Gatsby chic

Channel the Roaring Twenties with a stylish tribute to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. One of the classiest photo booth themes you can pick, the elegance and flair of the Great Gatsby will make for some memorable and shareable pictures. Feather boas, cigarette holders, Art Deco accessories, monocles and champagne boats will conjure up the unmistakeable party style of the 1920s.

4.    Valentines theme

Win their hearts with a Valentines-themed photo booth equipped with flowers, hearts, balloons and teddy bears. Use cardboard photo booth props like frames and banners with Love Hearts-style messages like “Kiss Me” and “Be Mine”. The resulting irresistible pictures will be perfect for public declarations of devotion on social media.

5.    Oscar party

For an award-winning event, spoil your guests with the red carpet treatment. Fill your photo booth with props like cameras, trophies, popcorn, top hats, director boards and bow ties. For the full VIP experience, why not place your custom-decorated photo booth behind a velvet rope? Let your guests create videos nominating each other for awards, or simply snap some still images in their best black tie outfits.

Shoot Systems specialise in nightclub photo booths that can be customised with the design and branding of your choice.  Boost your exposure on social media by installing a booth in your venue today! Just contact us on 01727 858 463 or email [email protected] for more information.