6 Event Trends For 2019

What’s big in the world of events this year? Ride the zeitgeist and wow your guests with these hot event trends for 2019.

1.    Virtual meetups

If you can’t physically make it to an event, why not participate from afar? In 2019, it’ll be commonplace for remote audiences to ‘attend’ events from anywhere in the world, using technology as simple as Skype or as futuristic as virtual reality headsets. In the business world it’s revolutionising the way that conferences are run, but there’s also an application in the leisure sector. It ties in with the increasing convergence of digital and meatspace worlds – with livestreaming and social sharing becoming ever more common at today’s gatherings.

2.    Sustainable  setup

Events in 2019 will respond to consumer demand, especially in the younger demographic, by being socially conscious and environmentally responsible. Vegan catering will be a mainstream option, continuing its rise in popularity in the past few years. At the same time, event planners will do their best to organise sustainable events, minimising single-use plastic, eliminating waste, saving energy and reducing their carbon footprint.

3.    Focus on wellbeing

Perhaps as an antidote to our increasingly digital existence, one of this year’s event planning trends will be a positive approach to social interaction, mental health and general wellbeing. Venues will offer an escape from the daily grind, with training days and conferences held away from the stress and hustle of the city environment. Itineraries will offer more time to rest, digest and interact socially with other delegates.

4.    Unusual venues

In 2019, booking out a hotel or conference venue just won’t cut it. This year, it’s all about sourcing unusual venues – places that tell a story or offer an experience. Unorthodox event destinations might include museums, art galleries, sports grounds, castles and other heritage locations. You might go for an outdoor setting, such as a golf course or even a car park! A great venue makes your event into an occasion, with the wow factor of its surroundings making it one to remember.

5.    Hi-tech tools

The ever-evolving world of tech is slowly changing the way we organise events, and in 2019 that will be apparent in a number of emerging technologies. Facial recognition will be in place at early-adopting events, to speed up admission and improve security, while the internet of things will help companies gather data about how people behave at their events – for example, with smart mats that can track floor traffic. Meanwhile, virtual assistants will use AI to answer simple questions and direct guests to the right place.

6.    Insta moments

For a few years now, planners have needed to consider how their event will look on social media, organising photo opportunities for guests to share. In 2019 more than ever, events will hinge on those highly photogenic ‘Instagram moments’, which guests will flock to capture on camera. By offering instantly shareable green screen event photography or photo booth fun, you can guarantee your high-quality event images will get shared far and wide.