7 Sports Marketing Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Sporting Event

Are you looking for ways to make your sporting event stand out? Meet your goals and win extra time with your audience using these ace sports marketing ideas.

Before the eventGreen screen technology, man playing rugby: Sports Marketing Ideas

To market your sports event effectively, you’ll need to be prepared. The key is to start early with the publicity, to build anticipation and get people talking about your event. Then make sure you keep feeding tasty tidbits to the fans in the build-up to the day. Here are some things you can do in the run-up to the event:

  1. Start a #hashtag on social media so that people can come together online to talk about the big
  2. Publicise a team list of who is playing. Create posts about each player with key info. This could be height, position, statistics, or something more personal like their favourite food. However frivolous or silly, if it gets people reacting, the publicity is working!
  3. Post short video clips of the preparations before the match. You could include clips of training, changing room preparations, groundsmen getting the pitch ready, video diaries of the players, or footage of players arriving on the bus on the day of the match.

On match day

Today’s the day when it’s all going to happen. It’s really important not to miss a single opportunity here – you can really go to town on your marketing activity. The following sports marketing ideas will encourage fans to get involved to help generate a buzz around the big event:

  1. Use green screen pictures to get people engaged. This is a fantastic and fun way to create irresistible images that fans will want to share online. Let them pose in the green screen to appear with their sporting heroes or pretend they’re playing in the match. With a green screen, you can let your ideas go wild – the sky’s the limit!
  2. Man riding bmx: Sports Marketing Ideas#TweetFromYourSeat. People will be on their smartphones throughout the event, so get them posting in real time. Encourage fans to post pictures, videos and comments from their unique place at the event.
  3. Half time challenge. Half time is a great time to engage with fans watching at home. So, don’t let them slink off to the kettle or fridge without joining in the action – put on a half time competition or challenge to win a prize. A crossbar challenge or similar test of skills is a fantastic way to get people posting videos of their armchair sporting prowess!
  4. Live tweet from the event. Don’t forget to do your bit to publicise the action on social media. Live tweeting from the event will keep everyone abreast of the latest developments as the match unfolds, so it’ll be followed avidly by fans at home.

So there you have it – seven sports marketing ideas to slam dunk your campaign and make your
sporting event the talk of the town.

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