Lights, Camera, Action: Adrenaline Activities in London

If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for your next fix, what better place to look than the UK’s capital city? From parkour to white water rafting, get adventurous and try these thrilling adrenaline activities in London.

ParkourAdrenaline Activities in London

The perfect adrenaline-filled adventure for a busy city like London, parkour allows you to experience the thrill of navigating obstacles by climbing, running and jumping like a superhero. Learn the basics with parkour classes for beginners, then up your skills by practising with likeminded enthusiasts.


For the ultimate feeling of freedom, trampolining provides a natural – and safe – high. With the opening of London’s first trampoline park in 2015, the capital’s residents can now bounce, twist and somersault to their hearts’ content.

White water rafting

Londoners are a privileged bunch. With the Olympic Adrenaline Activities in Londonfacilities that were opened for the 2012 Games now open to the public, London’s adrenaline seekers can rock up in East London at the Lee Valley White Water Centre for the ride of a lifetime. Rushing through the rapids in a rubber raft, you’ll enjoy an aquatic thrill like no other.

Flying trapeze

If you’ve always wanted to fly, these trapeze lessons in Regent’s Park will get you pretty close. With support from friendly and patient instructors, you’ll be trained to perform acrobatic feats in mid-air. As adrenaline activities go, it’s one of the top attractions in London.

Ice climbing

If you’ve always fancied scaling a frozen waterfall, here’s your chance. There’s no need to makeAdrenaline Activities in London a trip to colder climes, either; instead you can experience your icy ascent right in the heart of the capital city. At Vertical Chill, visitors to the Covent Garden store get the opportunity to learn winter climbing skills and hone their technique.

Abseiling and zip wire

Urban abseiling is one of the most exciting adrenaline activities in London, especially when it involves iconic buildings such as the O2. Adventure company Wire and Sky also offers a breathtaking zip line at Wembley Stadium.

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