The Top 3 Amusement and Theme Park Marketing Strategies

Want to attract year-round crowds to your amusement park? Use these sure-fire theme park marketing tactics to scale the heights of success.

Go social

Do you have a social media strategy for your theme park? Online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are a fantastic, free source of publicity but they need to be used with care, so plan your posts, engage with your followers and keep your output entertaining. While you take care of your own posting schedule, it’s also a great idea to get your customers to post high quality, branded content on your behalf.

Adrenaline Quarry Action Video System in actionHow can you persuade your visitors to advertise your amusement park in this way? Well, give them something they’ll really want to share.

Capture the most exciting moments for your customers – those exhilarating experiences on your scariest rides – with an Action Video systemAction Cam makes it really simple to upload super-shareable branded content online, so anyone can do it, even the most tech-phobic. The HD videos produced by the automatic system are exactly the type of content people will want to share with their friends. And it’s good to know that this type of theme park marketing is completely automated, so you don’t need to provide extra staff to make it work.

Find out more about our theme park video system and how it can contribute to your marketing strategy by calling a member of our team on 01727 858 463. Alternatively, email [email protected] or fill out our online contact form.

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Think local

Theme and amusement park marketing is all about geography. Local media outlets, neighbouring attractions and the hotels in your area can all be harnessed to market your attraction.

  • Man reaching to hit timer on climbing wall captured by climbing wall action video systemMake friends with the regional press and take every opportunity to get coverage for your theme park.
  • Explore the possibility of a partnership with local hotels to offer packaged promotions, such as free entry for children when you stay 2 weeknights in their establishment.
  • Capture visitor data to understand where your customers are coming from at different times of year; it’s likely that outside of peak holiday times, they will be local to the area and might make repeat visits if given the right incentives. With that in mind, you can focus your marketing strategy accordingly and, for example, advertise with money-off vouchers in the local paper.

Tempt the tourists

Having won over your local market, you can also hone your amusement park marketing strategy to target those coming from further afield. Because people often plan their itinerary in advance, it’s important to catch them early, so look at ways to capture their attention before they arrive.

  • Do all you can to get great online reviews – you could offer incentives such as entry into a prize draw. If visitors are looking at TripAdvisor or other review sites to check out visitor attractions in your area, you’ll need a good star rating to stand out from your competitors. If you do get a bad review, take the time to respond to the complaints and demonstrate that you are working to rectify the issue.

Advertise at airports, train stations and visitor centres local to your attraction. You could even invest in posters on the trains that travel to your destination.