Boost audience engagement at TV and Film Premieres

It’s important to deliver a fantastic overall experience at your event as this creates a strThis image is the amazing result using our services: photo marketing, green screen, photo booth, photobooth, action video, walkabout photos, 3D bullet-time, sports, marketing, TV film, santa grotto, greenscreen, photomarketing, events, experiental, photography brand image, ultimately leading to wider and better publicity coverage. However, at a TV and Film premiere there are so many variables to consider such as the venue, theme, entertainment and food.

These premieres are renowned for drawing huge crowds of passionate fans who would love the chance to get closer to their favourite characters. But how exactly can you do this? Providing audience participation and engagement for fans can prove difficult but here’s where green screen and photo booth systems come into play.

Green Screen Interactivity

Interactivity and an opportunity to engage with a brand or product first hand is highly sought after by customers and fans in the modern age. This is more dominant than ever when it comes to entertainment – now being a fan of a film or TV show stretches much further than simply watching.

A well devised green screen backdrop and photo set up offers fans the chance to get as close as possible to being part of a TV show or film. The chance to be part of the event is a special moment for guests who will be eager to share the unique branded content online with other avid

How Shoot Systems can help

At Shoot Systems, we possess several years’ experience in delivering photo system solutions for guests to marvel at whilst enjoying film and TV premieres. Our in-house software has been developed to promote high profile TV shows and film premieres for companies such as Sky, BBC and Nickelodeon. Why not visit our YouTube channel for some green screen inspiration!

Our solutions combine video and photos seamlessly, offering a unique, immersive and interactive experience. With fully customisable backdrops and graphics as well as bespoke booths, our systems can take the experience a step further than traditional photography and proves to be more entertaining for your audience.

How it worksTech-04-ShootNPrint-Bullet-Time-Software

At this type of event, efficiency in handling high volumes of users at speed is absolutely vital. The success of even the most entertaining and awe-inspiring green screen experience ultimately depends on how easily and quickly guests can obtain their photos and videos. It can really detract from the experience if guests are facing long queueing times.

A take home souvenir is the perfect way for guests to remember their experience and this means that it’s important that high quality prints can be produced quickly. Our systems help to ensure your event runs smoothly with branded photos available almost immediately after being taken thanks to our multi-printer architecture.

As well as providing a physical copy of the photo, guests can access their photos and videos online with their unique image number or QR code. With the option to send the branded content by e-mail or to share on social media, our photo solutions also ensure a boost to brand and event exposure.

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