The Hottest Branding Trends To Look Out For!

21st century branding is no longer confined to TV ads and billboard campaigns. Today, the business of branding is more dynamic and engaging than ever before – and it’s a fast-moving world with new branding innovations appearing all the time. In 2017, make sure you stand out from the crowd by following these branding trends that are increasingly being adopted by companies of all sizes.

Picture this

In every era of marketing, companies have relied on easily memorable, instantly recognisablebranding trends
images to aid brand recognition. Today, with image sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat now more popular than ever, marketers are increasingly turning to image-based social media platforms to connect with audiences in their natural environments. So, what type of image (or video) will make the most impact on your followers?

  • Be consistent. Don’t be tempted to fall in with the ‘in crowd’ by posting pics that don’t really chime with your brand image, just because they might get you noticed. The most powerful images will always convey what you stand for – forming an instant association between your post and your brand.
  • Get real. Whether you’re posting on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter, take the opportunity to show your products in authentic, real-life situations.

Deeper engagement

It’s no longer enough simply to broadcast your brand, shouting loud in the hope that people will listen. Today, branding trends are all concerned with customer experience – engaging with customers at a deeper level to earn loyalty and trust. All the most successful brands are working hard to build up a relationship with their valued customers – and to show them how important they really are. Here are some ideas to help you engage with your audience:

  • Interact online. These days, as marketers, we’re privileged. It’s easier than ever before to reach our audience through social media, listen to what they’re telling us, and interact to give them a positive experience. Make sure you’re always listening, and always responding to what your customers are saying.
  • Put them in the picture. Green screen photography is a fun way for consumers to really ‘live’ the brand. Let them pose for photos against a green screen, choose an exciting or exotic background, and add your branding for a tangible, take-away souvenir they’ll want to share with all their friends.

Emotional intelligence

There will always be some products that we love because they have become a part of our life story. Whether it’s a particular brand of cereal that you ate as a child, or a fragrance associated with someone you hold dear, these are the products we are fiercely loyal to, for life.

So, emotion-driven marketing is one of the branding trends that has the potential to be really successful, securing your product a devoted following that will stick with you through thick and thin.  Beware of quick fixes, however; emotional branding involves playing the long game to build up a genuine attachment between the person and the product.

branding trends

  • Partner up. If you know your target audience well, consider sponsoring something that’s close
    to their hearts. They’ll come to associate your brand with an activity they enjoy.
  • Be responsible. Use your company’s corporate social responsibility programme to do something good in your community. Don’t force the marketing side of things; the very fact that you’re out there, making a difference, will promote a positive association among your customers.
  • Evoke emotions. Evocative campaigns have always been used to elicit an emotional reaction. One of the latest branding trends capitalises on this by monitoring the effectiveness of the campaign. ‘Emotion tracking’ services aim to provide valuable data on how people feel about your ad. These analytics give brands the power to understand their emotional impact and fine tune it to elicit the emotions they want.