Corona Virus part II – the return of lockdown

We are now one week into our second round of lockdown and, like most sequels, people are a lot more prepared and expectant of what’s come thanks to the experience gained from earlier in the year. Although it has come as a disappointment to many (the hospitality sector in particular), it is a necessary measure to save lives.

At Shoot Systems we are continuing to come up with innovative ideas to make sure that this pandemic does not interfere with everybody’s Christmas spirit. Santa’s Grottos are a big part of this process, with setups in garden centres and shopping centres all over the country equipped with our instant photo solutions. We are still providing our socially distanced Santa’s Grotto solutions including our Virtual Santa and even though these will still be available in December, we are thinking of new ways to enable children to still able to experience the festivities and have the chance to meet Santa!

Step forward our latest idea, The Santa Gift Card Video Message. In a world full of uncertainties, it’s understandable to be concerned about how customers are going to be able to see Santa this year so we have come up with a solution which is to bring Santa to the customer. By purchasing a gift card online or in store, customers are able to receive a personalised video message from Santa. By providing basic information such as name and Christmas wish list, Santas in centres around the country are able to record these personalised messages and provide a Christmas greeting and keep the festive spirit alive!