Event Photo Sharing made Easy

Utilising green screen technology as part of your marketing campaign can really help bring creative ideas to life and create a unique way for your audience to interact with your brand. Even the best marketing ideas need a strong delivery system to help your business and message reach customers in the right way. If event photo sharing proves difficult for guests to use and enjoy it can really impact the success of your event.

Green Screen photo systems today offer seamless integration of both full motion HD video with high resolution photos into a single experience. They capture a video of guests posing for their green screen moment for a few seconds and then take a photo with these combined into an instantly shareable single video clip. As soon as the images and videos have been taken you can choose to have them displayed instantly on a big screen.

This creates a fantastic buzz on the day for your event and provides users with an immersive and unique opportunity to interact directly with your brand. For a campaign to thrive however, the reach will need to go much further than the venue.

The importance of sharing event content

Being able to take something away from an experience ensures that your event is memorable long after it’s over. For those attending the event branded photos can be printed and taken away immediately, but these are difficult to show off and share with others.

Strong branded content shared directly by a business can attract a huge amount of interest online, but the message is more authentic and further reaching if the content is shared by your audience themselves. Ensuring that your green screen photo solution offers simple ways to share your engaging and high quality content is vital to the success of your campaign.

Keeping sharing simple

The rise of social media has changed the way we think and spend our time, but has also drastically changed our expectations of how quickly things should be done. Even the most inventive and engaging event photo campaign’s success would be seriously undermined if users were unsure how to share the fun as quickly as possible.

All of the images and video clips we capture are uploaded to a dedicated microsite and are only accessible via a secure image number or QR code that are provided to each customer. As soon as customers have enjoyed the experience they’re able to quickly view their photos, share them on social media platforms and start getting the word out about your brand. It’s so quick and easy that accessing their content ties in with the overall user experience and helps to remove potential barriers to maximising your online exposure.

With event photo sharing made easy streams of your brand integrated content will be hitting social media channels in large numbers. Not only will you be offering a unique and immersive event experience, but you’ll be provided with a wide online audience who can recognise, interact and engage with your brand.