Cornwall, UK

Snapshot of action video of two boys on adrenaline ride

Brief: Our HD action video systems shows the fear etched on visitors faces.

To cover the action at the Adrenaline Quarry a number of fixed cameras from our theme park video system were been positioned across the zip wire and the free fall swing to give the best angles of your adrenaline rush.


A Powerful Marketing Tool


  • Guests purchased a video pass at the reception which came in the form or an RFID coded wristband
  • At the activity, wristbands were scanned and a member of staff triggered a button to start the video experience.
  • Our software automatically captured video and photos of the customers which were automatically linked to their wristbands
  • Visitors followed the instructions to view and download their photos and videos on a branded website, and of course: posted them on social media
  • Some of the branded videos have been viewed more than 1000+ times, creating an incredibly powerful viral marketing tool.