@ The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Brief: Provide an easy to use green screen photo system to be operated by BBC volunteers, to allow guests at the BBC Pottoerrow site to be superimposed into BBC TV programes.

For a number of years The BBC have had a large presence at The Edinburgh Festival at Potterrow with a radio studio and various outdoor activities accessible to the public.  As part of these activities they used a ShootNPrint Green Screen video photo system positioned in a 3m x 3m canopy to deliver 1,000’s of photos and prints to visitors to the site.


The system was setup with 20+ BBC TV series past and present from Fawlty Towers to Dr Who, visitors were presented with a menu to choose which program they wanted to appear in.  The operator simply selected the relevant overlay icon to select the program and touched PREVIEW to get a live preview on screen.


The operator was then able to position the guests perfectly in the photo and have them pose to interact with the photo.  Once ready they just touched  SHOOT to take the photo and PRINT to output the photo. The system automatically load shared the prints across the dual printers which had a joint capacity of over 600 6″x4″ prints an hour, well in excess of even the busiest of times, ensuring there was never a queue waiting for prints.


A 2nd screen showed a continuous loop of the last 10 photos, with an automatic restart after 10 seconds.  This meant that once a photo has been taken and sent to the printer, the visitor was standing by the flight case, their photo then appeared almost instantly, ensuring they always see their photo without having to wait for a full slide show revolution.


Additionally a branded microsite was created specifically for BBC @Potterrow, for all photos to be uploaded to for guests to download.  The site was scrutinised by The BBC web team to approve it for use for photos of minors.   Our system with radomised 8 digit codes ensured that only guests with the ID could see and retrieve their photos met their demands.


Every time a photo was printed a receipt was automatically printed with the photo, Customer ID, URL and QR code.  To access their photo the visitor either scanned the QR code or entered the URL and the ID.