Brighton Zip Selfie Pod Photo Strip

The Brighton Zip is one for the adrenaline junkies out there. The fastest and longest zip wire across the South Coast along with free fall off of the 24 metre ‘Drop Zone’.

Located right on the beach with a food court in tow, visiting the Brighton Zip is a fun day out for everyone.


The Brief

We were asked to help design and build Brighton’s first ‘Beach Hut Selfie Pod’.

As a great place for family and friends to come together, the idea was to capture the excitement and adrenalin experienced before and after.

The Result

Collaborating to produce the dimensions for the hut, they went on to build the finished product then we installed and maintained the selfie pod.

With the appearance of a real-life beach hut and our photo technology installed, we had together created the perfect addition to this seaside attraction.

The ‘Beach Hut Selfie Pod’ worked by users approaching the pod and paying via bank card (contactless or insert). A countdown would then begin and four separate photos would be taken. Two identical 6×2 photo strips are printed and collected from the chute at the front of the pod for the customer to keep as a fond memory.

What’s next?

There are plans for the Brighton ‘Beach Hut Selfie Pod’ to be re-located to capture Brighton Pier in the background and to attract a larger audience.


Customers said…

Looks Smart

Great Souvenir

Good Fun