Brief: Provide an interactive video experience to integrate with immersive VT experience for Chorus to use at Maxus Expo.

We were asked to provide an interactive video experience that could be used to engage staff at Maxus as part of an experiential activity run by Chorus group within the agency.

Working with the content provider, we augmented a VR experience guests were participating in with an immersive green screen video experience where guests had a bit of fun surfing inside a tube whilst moving to Beach Boys music.


Full Motion Images


  • Everyone was issued with a personal wristband as they started the activity, this was scanned to log their ID to the video, everyone in the video has their wrist band scanned, ensuring that everyone had instant access as soon as they finished
  • A live preview on screen allowed them to see themselves superimposed live into the video in real time.   Once completed the guests could see their video on the screen on the reverse of booth and download / post their video instantly by scanning QR code or accessing the URL on the wrist band
  • This system differs from just about anything else in the market in that we can support full motion background and foreground images with full mirrored preview and audio. The system also allows for visual and audio instructions to be added and experience synchronised to external devices such as fans and water sprays.