UK Tour


Brief: Look out… our hidden camera technology is watching you!

As a key component of a campaign to recruit participants for Fosters’ Helluva Tour, we were asked to supply a BT phone box complete with BT phone that would accept incoming calls and hidden video cameras to capture people answering the phone. Oh, and by the way, it has to work anywhere without power or phone lines!


A Solution Powered by our Action Zeon Video Equipment


  • We placed a mobile phone with electronics to interface to the handset on the phone in the box, with a speaker located outside the box to ensure a very loud ring to capture passers-by. Once answered the talked with an Australian actor hidden in van close by
  • Powered by our Action Zeon video equipment used in our theme park video systems, three hidden IP cameras recorded 1080p HD video of the interaction, automatically creating three synchronised video files at the end of each call. These were handed to the production company at the end of the day
  • The setup travelled the UK in the search for participants. Footage was used on TV commercials and as part of the overall social media campaign