For more information on any of our photo marketing and green screen solutions, please see a list of frequently asked questions below

What do you mean by photo marketing and what does it involve?

Photo marketing utilises images and video to form part of your marketing campaign. Using green screen technology, Shoot Systems are able to capture custom photos and videos at events and pop-ups that are ready to be shared online instantly – a truly engaging customer experience and great for business branding.

bullet time photography shootWho uses photo marketing?

Photo marketing solutions can be utilised by any business in order to maximise customer engagement, online exposure and create an unrivaled brand association.

Here’s several business that have benefitted from Shoot Systems services.

What benefits can your photo marketing services bring to my business?

Shoot Systems provide event photo marketing software and systems that were developed in-house meaning that we not only deliver exceptional, quality results but also ensure speed and ease of use. Our systems offer unique and tailored branded content that can be instantly shared online by guests, providing your business with invaluable brand awareness and customer engagement.

What is/does a green screen do and what can it capture?

A green screen is a blue or green background in front of which moving subjects are filmed. Our innovative green screen technology allows you to produce amazing photos and video content with customised backgrounds and branded graphics. In the past, we’ve provided green screen backdrops to film participants reading the latest headlines from the Sky News studio. You name it, we do it!

How does a green screen work?

WEDDING PHOTO BOOTHWe take pictures or videos in front of a background of uniform colour (green or blue) then feed the image into a system which looks through every pixel. The system searches for any matches to the colour range of the background and removes them leaving us with a transparent background to the image. For a more detailed explanation take a look at our blog post on how a green screen works.

What makes your green screen photo booths different?

We know that one of the most exciting parts of the photo booth experience is the few seconds leading up to your photo being taken. To make sure we capture the excitement of this moment, we take a short video of you posing, producing both photo and a video content to take away.

Where can a green screen photo booth be fitted?

We can fit green screen photo booths just about anywhere! From the smallest of spaces to large scale event installations, our team can deliver the perfect solution for your needs.

What adrenaline activities do you film? Are there any activities you cannot film?

Adrenalin-06Here are Shoot Systems we’re experts in capturing amazing action. From trampoline parks to climbing walls, we’re confident we can provide an innovative solution for your needs. If you have an idea or activity unlike something we’ve done before get in touch, we love to challenge ourselves!

How does your action video system work?

Our theme park video system is designed to deliver HD videos and stills (slow motion, secret filming, 360 footage – you name it) of any form of action activity (be it a zip wire, a free fall jump or a climbing wall) from multiple camera positions. Much like our green screen service, video and stills can be shown on big TV screens and are uploaded to a microsite for instant access.

What is 3D bullet time photography and how does it work?

Much like our green screen service, only this time, up to 36 of our cameras fire at exactly the same time in order to create awesome 3D matrix style, mid-air rotating videos. Here’s an example.

BRAND MICROSOFTCan I customize/design my own green screen background/photo booth?

Our photo solutions can be tailored to your unique needs and customised to deliver a unique experience and unforgettable results.

Can customers/guests choose from multiple green screen backgrounds?

Our green screen systems offer a wide selection of backgrounds and graphics to choose from and we’re always happy to offer customisation to suit your needs.

How long does it take to process green screen photos and videos/action video footage? Will guests have to queue?

Our systems are very user intuitive and easy to use meaning that there’s minimal queueing time. Photos and videos are uploaded instantly to our online microsite online. Essentially, guests can enjoy their photos and videos instantly without having to queue.

Chorus-04In terms of our green screen service, process automation combined with touch screen technology ensures high speed operation. Photos are printed immediately whereas images and video clips are uploaded to a microsite, accessible via a secure image number or QR code. While customer wait for their printed photos (which will be super speedy – trust us), images and videos can displayed instantly on a big screen integrated with brand messages to encourage interaction and create a buzz around your event.

For our theme park video system, customers receive a wristband with a personal ID. This is used to link each activity to their personal online account. The system then automatically creates video and stills, uploading them to a microsite to be viewed and shared immediately.

Can I customise a print package to suit my requirements?

We offer a fully customized print package to suit your exact needs. Our multi-printer architecture allows us to produce a high volume of exceptional quality photos at high speeds and we can provide detailed statics to help you track photo/video shares etc.

Can the branded content be shared on social media?

As stated above, all of the photos and videos taken are instantly available via a dedicated microsite. From here it’s so easy for your guests to share online via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This ensures that your branded content reaches a wide online audience.

MARKETING CHORUSWhat is stopping someone else from sharing my photo/video?

We understand the importance of security which is why our videos and photos can only be viewed, downloaded and shared via unique customer numbers or QR codes. These provide secure access to our microsite meaning only the customer can access their content.

What experience do you have?

Shoot Systems has over 15 years’ experience providing cutting edge photo and video system solutions for a wide range of events and industries as well as for international brand names. Take a look at some our work for previous clients.

Which locations do you serve?

We can provide any of our innovative solutions to any UK location. Wherever your event is, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to see how we can deliver a stand out experience for your guests.