The Best Green Screen/Photo Booth Themes: Props and Costumes

Everyone loves fancy dress, so a green screen photo booth is a great opportunity to indulge that inner dressing-up instinct! With a myriad of photo booth themes to choose from, it’s easy to provide props and costumes to cater for every occasion.

Movie magic

As if by magic, the green screen can transport you right inside a movie scene – so photo booth costumes inspired by your favourite films are a really effective and popular choice.

  • In many ways, a superhero costume is the ideal photo booth outfit. Just like Clark Kent, all you’ll need is a booth (and a few props) to transform yourself into the champion of your choice. Masks and capes are all the green screen props you’ll require in order to capture stunning images of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more.
  • Cartoon capers. Who doesn’t love a classic cartoon? Whether you go for the elegance of Frozen, the wackiness of the Minions or the nostalgia of an old Disney favourite, cartoon-based green screen props are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. For a truly animated experience, equip your booth with Elsa masks and ice crystal props, yellow heads and googly eyes or princess tiaras and Mickey Mouse ears.
  • Period piece. Travel back in time with a vintage visit to the flicks. Channel your inner Twenties glamour with Bugsy Malone-style flapper costumes for the ladies and gangster props for the gents, or get nostalgic for those summer days with Grease-d up hairstyles and pointy specs, all accessorised with Fifties-tinged juke box, ice cream soda and vinyl record photo booth props.

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Around the world

The only limit is your imagination – so even if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to international travel, green screen themes can bring the most enviable destinations on the planet to you, instead.

  • Aloha from Hawaii. Get the luau started with ukulele, pineapple and coconut props, all finished off with a floral garland and grass skirt. (This is one of those themes where some of your accessories can easily be incorporated from real-life party items – serve exotic cocktails with umbrellas for a great-looking prop that everyone will enjoy).
  • Bollywood chic. For a hint of cinematic glamour, Hindi style, try a Bollywood photo booth theme. With a green screen Bollywood movie backdrop, dress in headpieces, bindis and bangles, with paper flowers and colourful drapes as evocative accessories.
  • Intrepid explorers. If you can’t decide on a destination, why not select photo booth themes that encompass the whole globe? A basic travel theme, with camera and suitcase props, enables guests to choose the green screen background of their choice – perfect for globetrotters of all persuasions.