Green Screen Background Ideas and Inspiration

The beauty of the green screen background is that anything is possible! But if the sheer scope is overwhelming, we have plenty of creative ways for you to make the most of it. Be inspired by some great green screen background ideas for amazing photos and must-see videos that will make people look twice.

Celebrity meet and greetThe great British bake off cast used for Green Screen Background Ideas

It’s a fan’s ultimate dream to meet their hero. Make their wish come true (well, sort of) by letting
your customers pose for a picture with their idol!

Extreme stunts

From surfing to a high wire, extreme sports and breath-taking stunts will always get the adrenaline pumping (you might want to check out our Action Video system) – but they’re somewhat dangerous. Why not skip the training sessions and safety equipment and use a green screen background for a safer sense of exhilaration?

At the drive-in

It’s one of the green screen’s most tried-and-tested uses: sitting in a motionless car, folk can be instantly transported to realistic scenes anywhere in the world. Whether you’re going for stunts or scenery, the resulting video will show the drive of a lifetime.

Augmented realityTwo girls stood holding a stereo and guitar for Green Screen Background Ideas

The green screen background is sometimes hard to interact with, if you’re not a pro. That’s
where augmented reality can help get participants into the spirit of things. Create an immersive experience for your subjects for a truly interactive shoot.

Cinema scene

Utilise the hype of new films to create engaging, cinematic green screen backgrounds for movie buffs. Get them in on the action by snapping them starring in key scenes from the movie.

Invisibility cloak

Bring a little magic into your video movie by turning your green screen into an invisibility cloak! By posing with their bodies behind the screen, your subjects can obscure a part of themselves with a superimposed scene.

Girl hosting the news as Green Screen Background Ideas Headline act

Let people deliver breaking news or give the low-down on the weather. A newsroom backdrop is the perfect setting for some (not-so) serious reporting.

New dimension

Here’s one of our favourite green screen background ideas: Use multiple camera angles to create a striking 3D video of your subjects. It’s a fantastic way to add a new dimension to your shots.

TV star

You can’t beat an iconic television scene to get fans excited. Snap them alongside the stars of their favourite TV show, for an image they’ll treasure.

Doppelganger effect

What’s it like to interact with an identical twin? Now you can find out. Use your green screen background to superimpose cloned video or still images, for th
e perfect doppelganger effect. A great way to make your audience do a double take!

Tell a story

One of the simplest green screen background ideas is also very effective. A storyteller is filmed
narrating a story, with images of the open book superimposed behind them.

Man in the movie star wars forGreen Screen Background Ideas Cartoon caper

Enter the world of your favourite cartoon characters, just like a scene from Mary Poppins! The green screen can be used to great effect to let you step straight into the scenery with your animated chums.

Super-size shots

Play with scale to create fantastical images: giant characters can have great fun stomping around a scaled-down green-screen world.

Now we’ve supplied you with a few creative green seen background ideas, why not contact us to make them a reality?