How to Generate More PR for Your Event

Without the right publicity, it’s hard to make a success of your event. Follow our simple steps to maximise PR for your event, and get the best from your venture with these public relations tips.

The run-up to your event

  • Create a catchy name or strapline for your event. It needs to be something that sums up the nature of the occasion, and that works offline and online, in all your publicity materials.
  • Create a hashtag and an event page, to kickstart your social media campaign.
  • Build up a buzz using online and offline media. A joined-up marketing campaign with recognisable branding will help to embed your venture in people’s minds.
  • Contact the press with a comprehensive press release – make journalists’ lives easy and they’ll reward you with the coverage you need! Use local media to advertise and promote your event to people living near the venue.
  • Use a checklist like this one to make sure you have everything covered.

On the day

PROMOTION HARD ROCKEvent PR doesn’t end when the big day comes. Far from it – this is a prime opportunity to get some great pictures and video coverage, broadcast live from the centre of the action and let people share what a good time they’re having.

  • Set up branded green screen or photo booths to allow people to share their experience on social media – get them to use your hashtag so that you can monitor your mentions and maximise your exposure. This is great event engagement and offers a fantastic way to get branded content straight to your target audience.

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  • Treat the press like VIPs. Your media coverage is important, so make sure any attending journalists have a good time.
  • Use your celebrities. Whether you’re hosting Hollywood royalty, or simply a big name in your business sector, make sure you make the most of their presence to maximise your PR. Depending on how willing they are to pitch in, you could ask them to tweet about your event, give a quote that you can use in your publicity, or appear in your video footage.

When it’s all over

In the days and weeks following your event, you can capitalise on its success. If you’re planning a similar shindig in the future, footage and testimonials from happy customers will prove invaluable as marketing materials.

    • Ask for testimonials from your event attendees. People relate to others like them, so they’re likely to respond well to genuine reactions from other event-goers.
    • Share pictures of the event online and encourage others to do so, too. After an amazing evening out, it’s natural to want to reminisce, so make it easy.
    • Make a video using footage from the day. It’ll give your guests a chance to look back on some great memories, and will provide excellent marketing material for next time.