How to Host an Event

Hosting an event is a big task: however much you delegate, you’re ultimately responsible for the success of the day. But there’s no need to stress – just follow these event hosting tips to make everything go without a hitch.

Welcome your guests

The big day has arrived and your guests are starting to arrive. Give them a friendly first impression by making sure they are warmly welcomed in person. Make sure your visitors know the timetable for the day if there is one, and where they need to go. Create clear signage for all the important areas, such as toilets, food and drink, main events and emergency exits. Having lots of staff or volunteers on hand to answer questions will help your guests to feel at home.

Take care of your VIPs

Performers and speakers will have their own needs that must be taken care of. Give them a private area where they can get changed, eat and chill out, and assign a staff member to check they have everything they need. Let them know exactly what’s needed from them and when, so that they feel prepped to give you their best.

Break the ice

Conferences and training events will always make a bigger impact if you can engage your audience. Even leisure events like concerts and festivals are more enjoyable if your guests feel like they’ve really taken part. Encourage participation with ice-breaking activities: this could involve sideshows with games, or it could take the form of a getting-to-know-you session where delegates introduce themselves and talk a bit about why they’re there.

Offer freebies

Sometimes it’s the small touches that people really appreciate. Whether it’s a goody bag full of office supplies or a free supply of sweets, your guests will go mad for anything they can take away at the end of the day. (This is a great opportunity for increasing your brand awareness with customised items, too).

Get feedback

Every event is a learning experience. Make sure you take the opportunity to listen and find out what’s gone well, and what could be improved for next time. Ask for feedback at the end of the day, or include touchscreens dotted around your venue where people can answer a handful of simple questions at their convenience. You could incentivise people to leave feedback by entering them into a prize draw.

Create photo opportunities

While your event is in full swing, you, the organiser need to have one eye on the next one. Getting some good action shots should be high on your priority list, as these will be invaluable in helping to market similar events in the future. You don’t need to do all the publicity yourself, however; by giving your guests the opportunity for high-quality photos, you’ll get word-of-mouth kudos when they are shared on social media.

Natural, un-posed shots always look less contrived, and they’re also less intrusive. So why not hire someone to take photos on the go? Walkabout photography is perfect for every type of event, to capture the action as it happens.

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