How to Organise a Launch Party

A launch party is the moment you’ve been leading up to; for the first time, your shiny new product will come face to face with the people who want to buy it! Discover how to create the publicity you need to boost sales, raise brand awareness and build a social media buzz around your product.

Book the venue

Your product needs to be the star of the show, so make sure the venue is the right fit. For a new gadget or piece of software, you might choose somewhere modern and functional; for your latest perfume or cosmetic product, you might go for a more romantic, period property.

In terms of practicalities, your venue should be in a location that’s easy to reach, with good public transport links and plenty of parking. Create a tick list to make sure it has all the facilities you need, from WiFi to wheelchair access to on-site catering.

Get the timing right

There’s no set formula for when to hold a product launch party, but here are a few things to consider:

  • Capitalise on excitement about the product. Make your launch an enviable opportunity, where people are eager to get their hands on your latest offering and be the first in their social group to do so. Timing wise, this means you’ll need to have done some publicity beforehand, but not enough for people to know everything about it.
  • Think about your peak season. If you’re an ice cream company, you’ll need to hold your product launch in time for the summer rush. If you’re selling an exciting new toy, you’ll want to time things to get the best Christmas sales possible.
  • Try not to clash with another big event! Think about sporting fixtures, holidays and rival companies’ marketing campaigns.

Maximise social media exposure

In the lead-up to your product launch party, create a dedicated social media hashtag, and catch people’s interest with exclusive previews of your new product. Send complimentary samples to bloggers and other influencers who will create a buzz online.

On the day of your big event, inject a competitive element to proceedings. Offer a prize to the person who gets the most likes and shares for tweeting using your product launch hashtag. And let people easily share their best photos from the event, with a social media photo booth.

Make it fun

A business launch party shouldn’t be too dull and corporate. Interactive experiences are always a big hit; games and competitions will get people more engaged. Try to reflect the personality of your brand, so if you’re selling a new drink you could have a cocktail workshop, where guests can get hands-on and learn something new. That way, you’re providing entertainment and value, but also offering a demo of your product.

Keep the momentum

A product launch party will last a few hours, but your product will have a longer lifespan! Take advantage of the interest generated by your launch event by offering your guests a generous goodie bag. Include special offers with a short expiry date, to get people to act quickly and make a purchase while the event is fresh in their minds.

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