How to Prepare for your Christmas Marketing Campaign

The sun’s blazing outside and Christmas is far from people’s minds. That is, unless you’re a marketing professional! July and August are key dates in any marketing calendar, when most companies will start planning for their big festive campaign. Find out how to prepare for the busiest time of year with our Christmas campaign planning tips.

Plan your angle

Does your business play a key role during the festive period, or are your products and services often forgotten during this busy time? Plan your Christmas campaign around your brand’s unique strengths – this will differ from brand to brand. For example, a company selling office supplies might need to work harder to play up the Christmas angle by diversifying into Christmas cards and decorations during the festive period. The further ahead you plan, the more you’ll get out of your campaign – especially if you’re having to think outside the box for a Christmas angle.

Design your branding

One of the biggest aspects of any Christmas marketing campaign is the visual branding. Some brands, like Starbucks, have been clever enough to incorporate their Christmas designs into the fabric of the festive season, and you can join in with specially designed packaging, carrier bags or letterheads.

If you have a physical presence on the High Street, a Santa’s Grotto is a great way to promote your business and take advantage of extra footfall. For print and online media, images are everything, and green screen photography is a great way to create eye-catching pictures that capture the Christmas spirit. Anything’s possible, from cosy fireside scenes to a North Pole backdrop!

Use data to predict trends

Because you’re starting so early, you’ll need to make some educated guesses about what’s going to be popular with your customers this Christmas.

Your own sales and web analytics data will help…

There may be patterns that stay the same each year – perhaps your target audience are careful shoppers who start buying Christmas cards in September, or maybe you’ve seen big spikes in activity on key dates like Black Friday. If so, you’ll have a good idea of when you need to stock up.

As well as your own data, check out industry predictions in your sector. These will give you valuable insights into how much money people will spend, where they’ll look for inspiration, and what deals and incentives might tempt them.

Make a schedule

Delivering a great Christmas campaign takes lots of work behind the scenes. Draw up a detailed schedule to make sure you get everything done on time. Think about design and production lead times, plus, how long it’ll take for products to be delivered to you (especially if they’re being manufactured overseas). In your schedule, highlight the important dates leading up to Christmas, such as Black Friday. These will be red letter days for your business, and your Christmas marketing campaign will need to focus on them.

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