New Year, New Ideas

One month into 2021 and despite all the expectations this New Year had for us, we find ourselves in the same situation as 2020. Although this is to be expected as it’s impossible to get back to normality after just one month. The bright side is that the vaccines are rolling out and things are looking up! We are a glass half full kind of company!

For us at Shoot Systems, our first priority was to gain feedback from our clients that utilised our Virtual Santa instant photo solutions over the Christmas period to provide their customers with a socially distanced Santa’s Grotto in a time where many had to shut down due to the pandemic. We were delighted to receive such brilliant feedback from our clients who all stated that our Virtual Santa solutions ran without a hitch and provided families and children with a, much needed, festive experience while adhering to government guidelines and staying safe. Safety of the public is our number one concern after all, as it is for all companies. You can see some of these glowing references below!

Looking forward, we are coming up with ideas to further utilise this socially distanced technology with some other virtual solutions to provide clients and customers with a sense of normality and respite from this ever-continuing pandemic. Without giving too much away too soon, we are confident that we will be able to continue providing safe and memorable experiences! On top of this, we are also looking to improve our already easy to use software, making it even easier for our clients to run themselves. Although we already have our software being used in countries such as the USA, this development will enable us to open up the market even more globally to clients in all corners of the world and provide our instant photo solutions internationally!