Have Fun With Your Photo Booth: Ideas For Green Screen Themes

Photo booths at an event can be a real talking point and an amazing feature, but they’re even more fun if you’ve decided on some great green screen themes. Hiring photo booths for events has become hugely popular in the last decade and always makes for a popular and entertaining attraction for guests.

Whatever type of event you are organising you can guarantee one thing: attendees will be taking pictures and posting them online. With the average Instagram users spending 21 minutes a day on the app it’s clear that online images have become an important and influential part of culture. Make sure your guests are posting pictures from your photo booth by ensuring you’re utilising the customisation options of your booth.

The real challenge isn’t finding the best photo solution available, it’s thinking of themes, props and pose ideas to inspire your guests and make your green screen photo booth the stand out feature. Here are some fun ideas for themes, props and poses to try for your event.

The Name’s Bond

If you’re hosting a black tie event one of the most popular green screen themes is James Bond. Not only does it truly make the most of everyone looking their best but provides a little fun for everyone. For the men in attendance there’s a chance to live out a few childhood dreams and step into the shoes of the suave and sophisticated spy. Female guests can out do the men and try out their best Bond poses but also get to channel their best Bond girl and glam it up with poses and props.

As well as striking the traditional poses our systems offer an even better experience than just the photo. When we asked ourselves the question which part of the photo booth experience is it that people really enjoy we found it’s not how many pictures people receive, it’s all about the small moments leading up to the photos being taken. We capture HD video of people leading up to the photo being taken and usually this results in watching them racing to get ready. With a James Bond theme guests can re-enact the classic opening credits walk on with the videos displayed on screens for other guests to enjoy.

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star

Whether it’s giving it their best air guitar or giving their best rock and roll scream everyone loves the chance to be a rock star. Guaranteed to liven up your event and keep people coming back again and again for photos, it’s one of the best green screen themes to get everyone involved is perfect for group shots. As well a range of crowd and band set up backdrops, with this theme you can have so much fun with props such as blow up guitars, sunglasses, wigs, top hats and tattoo sleeves. If you’d like to introduce a little bit of friendly competition, why not utilise the amazing technology and compete to recreate classic album covers with prizes for the best efforts.

The photos and videos we capture are linked to your guest’s personal account online by their wrist band or card which we scan for each photo session. It’s so easy for them to access their photos and videos immediately as all guests need to do is scan their QR code or access URL and enter their ID. This gives your guests the chance to get posting and sharing their rocking snaps straight away on social media.

The possibilities for green screen themes, props and poses are endless! Rocket out of this world with a space theme, dust off the afro wigs and glitter balls for a disco theme or have a think, find something unique. For a photo booth that will truly make your event come to life be creative and dream up a theme that will provide some fantastic photos and brilliant memories.