Santa’s Grotto

With Christmas approaching ever closer, people are starting to plan ahead for the festive period. For shopping centres and garden centres, this includes the traditional Santa’s Grotto where kids can enter a magically decorated cavern and get to meet Santa and ask him for the presents they desire (providing they are not on the naughty list!)

At Shoot Systems we provide our instant photo solutions to many grottos around the country so as to give families the opportunity to capture these magical moments with our instantly printed and downloaded photos of the delighted children sitting on Santa’s lap. Even now with the current global pandemic, we are providing our solutions with innovative social distancing photo solutions (including virtual Santa, Santa Cam, and socially distanced Santa) to ensure that children don’t miss out on these memories.

This week we were thrilled to receive feedback from one of our Grottos at Frosts Garden Centre stating how happy they are that we are able to continue offering cool and innovative solutions in these trying times of social distancing.  The feedback is as follows:

“Having seen the new announcements last night from Boris, I am so glad you have the socially distanced photos this year. I’m really excited about these being in each grotto and think they are a fantastic product”

Just because the Corona virus has halted many aspects of daily life, we at Shoot Systems are determined to not let it ruin Christmas and the experiences children and families receive at Santa’s Grottos around the country!