Why is the selfie booth so popular?

Not so long ago, the rare pictures taken on a night out were usually snapped using a disposable camera – the kind that had to be handed in for the film to be developed. Today, of course, the smartphone is king, with instant selfies just another part of the nightlife ritual. But the story doesn’t end there: there’s a newcomer to the selfie scene that’s proving to be a runaway hit with partygoers. From nightclubs to weddings, the selfie booth is the ultimate way for today’s revellers to capture the fun.

Looking good

Wouldn’t it be great if lighting conditions couldcrowded club scene always do justice to our efforts to glam up for the occasion? Unfortunately, especially in darkened nightclubs, image quality on a phone camera isn’t always the highest. The selfie photo booth provides a solution! Offering up professional-standard photographs that show people looking their best, it’s no wonder this compact and versatile photography machine is giving the smartphone a run for its money.

Sharing memories

People LOVE taking selfies. There are lots of reasons why! It’s partly just a fun ritual that forms the fabric of an evening out. Then of course there’s the social aspect – getting a group together to pose for a pic. Finally, another social side of the selfie comes into play, and that involves sharing it on social media. The selfie booth caters for all of these factors perfectly: everyone loves the fun that comes with getting your mates together into the booth, and this can be captured in HD video, alongside the final photo. Then when your image is ready, it’s super simple to upload your snap online, to show the world what it’s missing.

Group of young people taking nightclub photography in a selfie boothEntertainment value

Photo booths aren’t always just for passports; people have always used these functional conveniences to capture more frivolous snaps. The selfie booth takes this to another, more entertaining, level. Photo booth props supplied at weddings and parties offer a great way for guests to let their hair down by posing for light-hearted or themed selfies. You can even use a green screen to create incredible backdrops, for an unforgettable memento.

Great for business

Going by the proven popularity of the selfie booth, it’s a business no-brainer to offer one at your venue, or even make a feature of a booth at your promotional event. Here are some business-friendly bonuses that make the selfie booth a smart move.

Shoot Systems photo booths are compact, so they won’t take up too much space, and practically indestructible, so there’s no need to worry about accidental damage.

  • You can customise your booth with a funky design of your choice, and you can add businenight club photographyss branding to every image, which is perfect for raising brand awareness among your target audience.
  • Customers won’t have to find the right change or worry about using up their cash; all payment is contactless via card or smartphone.

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