Shoot Systems saves Christmas!

This week has been a busy one for us at Shoot Systems with new installations of our socially distanced Santa’s Grotto photo solutions in garden centres and shopping malls around the UK.  With the Santa’s Grotto season fast approaching, centres such as these are looking for ways to provide these magical experiences for families and children whilst complying with government social distancing regulations. Traversing the country in order to provide festive Christmas memories ….we are taking a leaf out of Santa’s book. This is where Shoot Systems saves Christmas!

This week we have provided our Virtual Santa solutions to two garden centres in different parts of the country. Our free installation service means that our team has the opportunity to travel the country on the job and provide our instant photo solutions while experiencing different parts of the UK. Our photo solutions all around the country speaks volumes for our success and national reach, as well as giving our team the opportunity to visit cities around the country and be able to tick them off the list of places to see!

With some time still remaining before the festive season starts and Santa’s Grottos being in full swing, we are confident of being able to travel to even more cities in the upcoming weeks and uncovering more hidden gems around the UK whilst also providing Santa’s Grottos around the country with the ability to fight the current pandemic and continue providing festive memories to families thanks to our socially distanced Santa’s Grotto photo solutions!