Snapping the perfect memory

Who doesn’t love snapping photos on a night out? With the invention of camera phones, photos are increasingly being taken to immortalize a fantastic night with your mates. However, maybe you are one of the people like me, who always forgets to take your phone out and grab selfies or group shots. Maybe you are one of the people who likes having a physical photo to keep in your wallet or purse, or post to your fridge. Step up our nightclub photo booths and selfie pods.

With the bars edging ever closer to re-opening, we at Shoot Systems are thrilled to once again be providing party-goers with the ability to snap a photo of themselves and friends and instantly be able to print said photo or instantly download and share your photo using our photo booths and selfie pods. Although it has become common to see professional photographers in bars and clubs, our instant photo solutions provide a much more engaging, direct, and sharable option.

Our photography systems are also very beneficial for the bars and clubs as they offer powerful branded content which can be when shared via social media. The venues chosen branded graphics are overlaid on all of the digital and physical copies of the photos and videos your guests receive meaning the name and logo will be present on the customer’s social media. This promotes the venue completely free and cultivates a positive brand association.

With over 10 years of experience providing our bespoke and powerful photo systems to a huge range of clients, we know full well that our systems deliver true reliability and quality. Our in-house developed technology is easy to use for customers and staff with a simple touch screen interface and easy to understand sharing options.