Boost your Business’s Brand with Social Media Video Sharing

In today’s digital world, everyone knows how important it is for businesses to be featured on social media. But that’s not quite enough on its own – for your social media activity to be effective and raise brand awareness, you need to produce and publish eye-catching posts with content that will get noticed and shared. In 2016, that increasingly means social media video sharing.

Video sharing made easysocial media video sharing: man in front of wave green screen

In the past, all you had to do was create an interesting infographic or a
wittily worded post to stand out on social media. Nowadays, with smartphones and fast connections now standard, video is today’s big social media trend. Driven by easily accessible platforms that enable people to watch on the go, social media video sharing is now one of the most effective ways to be seen online. Social media sites like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Videos make it super-easy for businesses to promote themselves using video, preferably using small, bite-sized snippets that don’t take too much time or bandwidth to get the message across.

How many people could you reach?

Provided that you have a video that’s worth talking about, people will naturally want to share it with friends and peers. It’s that ‘sharing’ aspect that can, literally, make your video ‘go viral’!

Say your business has 50 active followers on its Facebook page. When you share a video, it will be seen by those 50, and if they ‘react’ to it with a like or a RT, their own friends may hear about it. Of course if they share it themselves, their friends are much more likely to see it – so encourage this in your content and your posts.

And if you’re going to incorporate our green screen, walkabout photography or action video service into your businesses marketing strategy, the potential social media reach is even bigger! For example, say 50 customers were to share your branded content online (and these people have 50 active followers of their own), there’s immediately potential for massive reach, with 2,500 possible viewers. And that’s not even considering the ‘friends of friends’, who could all
get in on the act as well.

What can social media video sharing do for your business?

Social media video sharing with women in walkabout photographyIf you use social media yourself, you’ll understand how easy it is to scroll past anything that doesn’t immediately grab your interest. Video content helps encourage viewers to linger just a little longer, so that you can entertain and persuade with a movie that is retained in the memory. At the very least, social media video sharing will get you noticed, whilst helping followers interact with your message.

Give something to get something back

A word of warning here: to be truly effective, social media video sharing is more than a promotional film broadcast to a wide audience. Today’s internet generation are a demanding crowd. They want to see something different, something with value, whether that’s informative, cute, funny or shocking. That’s not to say your video should be completely unrelated to your business.

Green screen photography backgrounds are imaginative and fun – ideal for posting online and our action videos service can convey a ‘wow’ factor.

Social media video sharing for your business

If you’d like to boost your businesses brand, our photo marketing services are a great way to do so. Find out more by contacting us today by email or on 01727 858 463.