Do you need customised action video solutions that
can capture incredible moments on video and instantly upload to social media?

Video content is the most popular way to share experiences and capture incredible moments. By 2019 around 80% of internet traffic will be video which makes it a very important part of your marketing strategy! Whether you run a trampoline park or a click ‘n’ climb wall, your business needs to ensure that it is part of this revolution.Whatever type of high action activity or experience you offer, Shoot Systems can help you capture it perfectly, brand it, and deliver it to your customers quickly and easily. Our action video solutions are scalable to any size or requirement and are tailored to each of our client’s needs.

Capturing all the action

ActionZone has been developed specifically to deliver HD videos and stills of any form of action activity from multiple camera positions and with multiple concurrent participants. It is ideally suited to many of the adrenaline activities available in the market today such as Zip Wires, Climbing Walls, Free Fall Jumps and slides.

Our fully automated HD Action Video solution can capture your guests’ adrenaline experience from multiple angles and instantly output the branded content. Using state of the art HD IP cameras we can offer super slow motion 120 FPS videos (25% of normal speed) combined with time lapse to speed up other parts and normal speed playback.

Ideal for sharing the moment

After their experience, people will want to share their videos instantly. If we assume someone has 20 friends on social media (a very low estimate) and they have just 3 videos created from an event, these will generate at least 60 views when posted by just one person. Multiply this by say 200 people in a day, the adrenaline activities that you provide could easily generate 12,000 views from just 200 people. The potential for massive social media sharing is endless and this means your branded content will be accessed by large new online audiences.

Our action video system can be configured and adapted too! Scalable to any demand, location or environment, this means we can film anything from single camera on a “leap of faith” to a multi camera, multi user system on a ski slope. To find out how we can help your customers capture incredible moments and action, get in touch with our team.

A huge range of possibilities

Our action video solutions can be customised to meet the requirements of any activity, event or attraction. Whatever experience your customers are engaging with, Shoot Systems can deliver the solution you need to give your customers an unforgettable visit. Examples of some of the innovative uses of our system include:

Theme Park Video System at Adrenalin QuarryTheme Park Video System

Our innovative Theme Park Video System captures all of the amazing experience that rides and attractions offer. Your customers will take away amazing souvenirs to remember their day and share video and photo content that is branded and provides excellent online exposure.

climbing-wall-video-systemClimbing Wall Video System

Our high performance Action Video System makes for an ideal addition to climbing walls and indoors extreme sports. Boost performance, improve competition and offer a unique experience for your guests.

Mid air flipr captured with trampoline park video systemTrampoline Park Video System

For trampoline park owners there is no better way to boost first time visitors who would love a souvenir as well as regular visitors who wish to view their form and technique than by providing dynamic video content.

slide and freefall captured with action video systemAdventure Activity Video Systems

Adventure activities are more popular than ever with video and photo content to share and keep proving just as important to guests as the thrill of taking part. Whether it is an obstacle course, a puzzle room experiences or indoor skydiving, we can help you capture every exciting moment. We love the challenge of providing the perfect solution, so get in touch to find out more about our flexible Action Video System.