Do you need a customised photo system that
provides an interactive and engaging customer experience?


Our Bullet Time photography system automatically takes images and creates amazing 3D Matrix-style videos for a truly interactive and engaging customer experience.

To capture amazing action in a unique way, one camera simply isn’t enough. In fact, our camera rig contains up to 36 high quality cameras that fire at exactly the same time, creating an awesome mid-air rotating video.

Complex tech that’s easy to use

Our Bullet Time system adds Multi Camera functionality to our in-house developed ShootNPrint software. This allows multiple cameras to be connected to a single PC which then combines all photos from the cameras into one incredible single video of guests suspended in mid-air.

Systems as complex as these can be very difficult to set up and just as tricky to operate due to multiple systems and interfaces; we’re proud to say that this isn’t the case with ShootNPrint Bullet Time. Our in-house designed ShootNPrint systems have always emphasised ease of use and simplicity in operation with this variant of the system is no exception.

How our Bullet Time system operates

Operating our Bullet Time system is simple:

  • Guests get ready to jump or get their props and poses prepared
  • The operator presses a shoot button to fire all 36 cameras at the same time,
  • The system auto imports all of the images simultaneously
  • Graphics such as branding and backdrops are added
  • All image frames are auto-aligned to deliver a smooth video
  • The operator can view a preview to make sure the video is perfect, if all looks OK then a single button press creates the final video.

Skoda Time Slice Photo System

Customers who participate can download their branded video immediately and post to social media giving valuable publicity to any campaign. Our system is fully customisable and we’re able to provide bespoke solutions for your marketing campaign. We’ve successfully worked with several large international clients to deliver experiential marketing events that offer a unique way for guests to interact and create brand association. An example of our previous work can be seen below in our video showcasing the amazing Bullet Time photography experience we provided to Skoda.



This just goes to show the flexibility of our software. We do not have to develop custom solutions from scratch, we draw on our expertise and intellectual property to modify our software to suit any requirements.Working together with Shoot Systems means that our 3D Bullet Time photography, combined with your creativity, can help create an engaging, interactive brand experience that is both memorable for guests and beneficial to your business.