Climbing Wall Video System

The ActionZone video system is a must-have solution for anyone running a climbing wall. Find out more about our instant, automated action videos.

At the climbing wall, people push themselves to achieve their goals – whether they’re novice climbers or climbing wall veterans. Who wouldn’t want a permanent record to mark that achievement? That’s why we’ve developed a unique climbing wall video system, capturing every climb to provide an instant souvenir that can be shared online with friends. Read on to find out more about ActionZone, the HD video system that is giving climbers everywhere a natural high.

Instant video action

Our climbing wall videos provide immediate, automatic footage that can be accessed as soon as the climb is completed. By scanning a unique personal wristband, customers can view their climbs on film and then share photos and videos with friends on social media. Filmed at the touch of a button activated by the climber, the entire process is automated and requires no input from climbing wall staff.

Timed climbs

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to inspire and motivate. So, our climbing wall videos all automatically record and display the climber’s time right there on the screen. Seeing the time there in black and white is a fantastic way to commemorate a personal best. It also spurs people on to improve (or at least to beat their mates’ times). If you run a climbing wall, you could hold a climbing challenge and encourage climbers to smash the record for the fastest climb – a great way to drum up publicity and get people engaged.

Honing technique

Like swimming, running or any other sport, climbers can get better results by improving their technique. And for many people the best way to hone technique is by watching themselves on camera. Our climbing wall video system uses two different angles so that climbers can see exactly what they’re doing, from above and below. They can view the climb instantly, observe their climbing technique and immediately try again for a better performance.

Solid achievement

Some customers at the climbing wall can’t quite believe what they’re doing, while others are regulars, constantly striving to improve their performance. Some are battling against a fear of heights or working hard to improve their physical fitness. Whatever the climbing wall means to your customers, the ActionZone climbing wall video system lets them see just what they have accomplished, offering a memento that records their achievement for posterity.

Relive the experience

These days, it’s not enough just to have a new experience; people want to share their adventure with others and relive it for themselves. Photos and videos capture and express the most exciting experiences of our lives so that nobody needs to miss a thing. The ActionZone video system for climbing walls has been developed to help your customers take home a keepsake of their fun-packed day out.

Find out more about ActionZone

The ActionZone instant video system is a simple but ingenious solution for anyone running a climbing wall. To find out more about our climbing wall video system and how it could work for you, just get in touch on 01727 858 463.