Deliver an engaging customer experience in your venue complete with customised branding

Sharing photos and videos is a huge part of a big night out, with the average brit snapped 27 times by themselves and friends throughout the evening. For venues, bars and nightclubs event photography has proven to be extremely popular, with pictures snapped by professionals then uploaded to company Facebook accounts with clients then tagging themselves. Now a much more engaging, direct and sharable option is available with nightclub photo booths.

Ultimate Club Experience

At parties and events photo booths are a huge draw for crowds which makes them the perfect addition to clubs and bars. Photo booths in clubs make it easy for customers to capture the atmosphere and memories of their night. Whether they are enjoying a big celebration or an impromptu night on the town, a photo booth offers an interactive experience with your brand and venue. The booths are perfects for getting videos and pictures of groups, with the external video screen providing plenty of entertainment and interest for all of the venue guests.

Boost your brand

At Shoot Systems we know how powerful branded content can be when shared via social media. Our nightclub photo booth systems provide you with customised branded graphics that are overlaid on all of the digital and physical copies of the photos and videos your guests receive. When sharing snaps of their night out, your name and logo will be present on your customer’s social media. This promotes your venue without costing you anything and cultivates a positive brand association. Our team are happy to work with you in delivering consistent branding both inside and outside of your photo booth.

Perfect for private functions

As well as offering a unique and fun experience for nightclub customers, photo booths also deliver an additional reason for customers to hire your venue for private parties and events. A pre-installed nightclub photo booth in your club or bar provides built in entertainment for private bookings. Party goers will love striking a pose, grabbing their snaps and sharing their memories online.

What makes Shoot Systems the first choice for club photo booths?

Shoot Systems have over a decade of experience in delivering bespoke and powerful photo systems to a huge range of clients. All of our photo booth and event photo systems deliver true reliability and quality. Our in-house developed technology is easy for use for customers and staff with a simple touch screen interface and easy to understand sharing options.

Designed to be a seamless experience

This streamlined photo booth removes all of the tricky parts of the experience with contactless payment removing the need for coins or finding a cash machine. To retrieve photos and videos customers are given the choice of accessing a secure microsite by a unique code or by scanning a QR code. With each unique code and QR code only given to the customer our nightclub photo booths ensure content is private and only shared when your customer chooses to.

To find out more about the amazing impact a photo booth can have on your nightclub get in touch with our expert team.