Photo Activation Marketing Solutions

Increase engagement with your brand and create a buzz around your product with technology from Shoot Systems

Sharing images on social media has become an important part of consumer’s everyday lives. Utilising video and customised photo experiences in activation marketing is a highly effective and measurable way to engage with a brand’s customers and target demographic.

Activation marketing (sometimes called brand activation or marketing activation) is a marketing approach that aims to build up a meaningful, interactive relationship between a brand and its audience by offering a unique and memorable brand experience.

There are lots of different ways to achieve this, from attention-grabbing pop-up promotions and free samples, to clever, ‘experiential branding’ campaigns that offer an interactive, real-world experience to consumers.

The thinking behind activation marketing is that customers are more likely to be receptive to a relationship with your brand if they experience it ‘face-to-face’.

What are the benefits?

If you’re new to activation marketing, photo activation marketing is a great way to get on board with this form of promotion. It is cost-effective and simple to set up, while also offering your audience a brand experience they’ll value and remember. With photo activation marketing you can:

  • Engage visitors, create a buzz and promote interaction with the brand, leading to positive association and attachment.
  • Create unique branded content that ties in with your existing campaigns and can be quickly shared online.
  • Capture important data relating to your audience, such as how many photos are taken, and other detailed live online stats for your campaign, including uploads, downloads and posts to social media

Our solutions go beyond just providing cutting edge technology. Our vast experience, passion for photography and creativity help to bring your ideas to life and bridge the gap between your brand and audience.

Our Experiential Projects

We offer the video and photo solutions to create branded images for almost any product, campaign venue or event. Our bespoke systems can capture action shots, video on the move and posed photo booth images alike, letting users put themselves at the centre of the action and share their experiences online with others.

Shoot Systems have worked with a huge number of internationally recognised brands and events. Take a look at some of our photo activation marketing projects:

Fosters Helluva Tour

A brilliant example of experiential marketing technology in this Fosters marketing stunt. Passers-by answered a ringing telephone inside a replica BT phone booth, and we captured video footage of the calls – which was then used in a corresponding TV advertising campaign.


Hard Rock Calling

Everyone wants to be a rock star, so we helped make dreams come true at the Hyde Park Hard Rock Calling festival. We snapped the rock’n’roll action as guests posed with guitars, then offered a branded photo print to everyone who got involved. A permanent memento of their moment in the spotlight, these images were also available online for sharing with friends.

Hard Rock Calling band picture using green screen technology


Customers out shopping were given the opportunity to have their pictures taken and integrated into Nivea’s advertising campaign at Westfield shopping centre. The campaign focused on bringing people together with photos and images from our photo booth shown on the big screens and a dedicated photo wall offering maximum exposure and encouraging engagement with other shoppers.


What photo solutions are available?

Photo activation marketing combines techniques such as green screen technology and mobile photography to capture exciting images and videos as part of immersive brand experiences. As well as creating an unbeatable, tangible impression upon audiences during the experience, guests can quickly and easily share the branded photo and video content via our dedicated microsites.

Green Screen Photography

Our flexible and scalable green screen photography and video solutions offer unlimited opportunities to create truly incredible unique content. This is a fantastic tool to give your audience access to a world they could otherwise only dream of – with green screen photography they can become space explorers, time travellers or movie stars at the touch of a screen. If you’re looking for immersive brand activation that offers the wow factor, our green screen solutions could be the solution for you.

Photo Booths

Our video and photo booths are an enduringly popular way to market your brand. Guests can opt for straightforward snaps, play with props or use green screen-enhanced imagery to create the ultimate souvenir from your event and customisable branded content perfect for driving your marketing campaign on social media.

Walkabout photography

Walkabout photography means that you don’t have to wait for people to come to you! This unique mobile photography system, powered by our signature ShootNPrint technology, allows operators to roam freely across your event site, taking pictures and instantly uploading them for easy access via personalised guest wristbands.

Experiential marketing technology from Shoot Systems is simple to implement and operate thanks to our easy to use custom software. Whether you’re planning to use photo or video marketing at a TV or film premiere, sports marketing event, pop-up promotion or in a nightclub, our advanced photo systems will make the whole process quick, easy and effective.

If you need more inspiration, just check out our range of different solutions to see what might work for you and find out just what photo activation marketing can do for your brand.

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