Do you need an exciting addition to your venue? Our customised system both videos and photographs guests in a photo booth.

Finding the perfect attraction at venues events, and festivals can be difficult. You need something engaging, easy to understand and most importantly fun! In the age of the selfie and photos of any night out or occasion a must for guests, a green screen photo booth is the ideal way to provide a memorable and interactive experience.

What is green screen photo booth?

When it comes to photo booths, we asked ourselves a simple question: What do people love about them? As well as the photos at the end, the real fun is had in the race to get ready for the photo in just a few seconds between shots.

All you get from a standard booth is a copy of the photo, which is only a very small part of the experience! Our green screen photo booths capture a high-resolution HD video between photos so that every fun-filled moment is captured. We offer a wide range of backgrounds to choose from and a huge degree of customisation.

As well as providing plenty of laughs and enjoyment for the guests inside the booth, the videos are immediately displayed on an additional screen outside. This is ideal for attracting more users and provides lots of entertainment for everyone in the queue.

How do our booths work?

Our green screen photo booths are powered by our very own in-house developed software. Called ShootNPrint Photo Booth mode, this version of our software simplifies the interface down to a very streamlined system whilst still supporting all of the advanced features. It’s intuitive, easy and fun to use which makes it the ideal photo booth experience.


How are photos and video accessed?

Images and footage are then linked to the guest’s personal online account by scanning their personal wristband or card for each photo session. To access and post on social media, all the guests need to do is scan the QR code or access URL and enter their ID. No queuing to enter emails at a viewing station or forgetting the password for an account – everyone can see and post their photos instantly from their own device.

Custom Photo Booth

If you are a venue owner, you’ll know that keeping your guest experience fresh and interesting is vital to attracting new and returning customers. Finding the ideal attraction or feature can be an expensive investment without a clear ROI.

Our photo booth installation service delivers an unforgettable customer experience as well as a powerful marketing tool which provides another stream of income.

Our custom photo booth installs are ideal for club and bar venues, high street shops or hotels. Suited best to areas with high foot traffic, our booths offer an engaging brand experience that creates a huge amount of branded content which can easily be shared online. With contactless card payment and an easy to use interface, our booths are perfect for delivering a fast, fun and hassle-free experience to your customers.

outside of photo booth
photo booth The Tooting Tram and Social
Outside of photo booth

Selecting your booth

To ensure that your photo booth fits perfectly into your venue, we offer two standard sizes:

  • Large Booth: 2.3m Long x 1.2m Wide x 2.1m High
  • Smaller Booth 1.8m Long x 1.2m Wide x 1.9m High

If you’d like to fit a custom booth into a smaller space, we are able to create more compact bespoke options to suit your needs. Our booths can then be customised and branded however you wish to seamlessly fit in with your branding.

Installation and operation

Our highly trained and experienced team will install your photo system at your venue. The only requirements for installation are a wired internet connection and one standard power socket. To ensure that your system operates smoothly, Shoot Systems will train at least two staff members on general operation and maintenance.

We pride ourselves on providing hardware and software of the highest quality, and should any tech issues arrives Shoot Systems will offer full tech support to get you back up and running as swiftly as possible.

Analytics and tracking

Our data capture and analytics allows you to accurately track the number of users, prints and social shares from your photo booth. The contactless card machine provided as part of the booth allows for stats to be collected every day with this data collated monthly.

We pride ourselves on providing hardware and software of the highest quality, and should any tech issues arrives Shoot Systems will offer full tech support to get you back up and running as swiftly as possible.

Two women queued at a night club photo booth

Nightclub photo booth

Capitalise on the selfie culture with an interactive photo booth in your nightclub. With contactless payment and customisable branding of content, it is the perfect way to generate additional income whilst gaining brand exposure.

sharing photo booth images on social media shown on phone screen

Social media photo booth

Be sure that your brand, event or party gains maximum exposure on social media with our photo booths. We make posting video and photo content on social networks easy, fun and highly secure.

Scalable and flexible photo solutions

  • Integrated photo and video experience meaning that 100% of the guests’ time in the green screen photo booth is captured
  • Instantly shareable 4 in 1 video is produced for each photo session as well as prints
  • No queuing for social media stations, everyone can post instantly from their own phones
  • Full support for HD Green Screen Technology movies with moving foregrounds and backgrounds
  • Real time fully reversed green screen preview screen for guests to position and pose
  • LED countdown timer around lens to focus attention to lens
  • Professional photographic flash and Camera to get perfect shots, no LEDs
  • Interface screens in our booths are also customisable to give a fully branded experience

Our advanced photo booth solutions can be customised to fit into just about any structure or event and because of this, we are not restricted to a single mode of operation or booth structure. This makes our systems a highly flexible and customisable solution.


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