Do you need a customised photo system that
helps promote your marketing campaign
whilst increasing brand awareness?


An Integrated Customer Experience

Our in-house developed event photo marketing software can capture both moving HD, Slow Motion HD and high-resolution still photos as part of an integrated customer experience. These systems have been designed specifically for high speed operation by non-skilled Brand Ambassadors. For this reason, many global brands and leading marketing agencies have benefited from this service and our expertise in the past.

Secure Access to Branded Content

Your customers have direct, secure access to their branded content instantly from their own devices using a unique number or QR code, without the need to queue and enter personal details. Branded microsites enable customers to view and share photos on social media and they can be configured to allow data collection. Even better, live stats throughout your campaign allow you to monitor its success.

Create a Buzz

We encourage interaction to raise awareness and create a buzz around your event, as well as giving customers a souvenir to treasure. Have a look at how we worked with Nissan to provide a special photography experience for skiers.

If you’re looking to promote your brand and exceed client’s expectations, our event photo marketing service is here to help!