The typical selfie just got upgraded.

Wanting a photo booth at your venue but worried about the space it will take up? The brand-new selfie pod is the perfect solution….

  • Sleek and slimline design
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fully customisable
  • Fuly automated
  • Instant printed photos (also available online)
  • Card machine operated/contactless payment

Suitable for any crowd, easy to use and a great addition to any event.

What is a selfie pod?

The smaller, sleeker version of a photo booth.

A selfie pod is a similar concept to a photo booth in the sense that it captures the people and atmosphere. However, it’s USP is that it is a lot smaller and sleeker than a traditional photo booth meaning that it can slot into your event without much disruption.

It tends to be free standing, right in the midst of your action, allowing for wider image capture and the incorporation of the surrounding buzz.

The pods can be branded specifically to you,  to ensure in keeping with your branding or theme.

Brighton Zip Beach Hut Selfie Pod

How does it work?

As selfie pods are fully customisable, the design and operation may vary depending on your needs, whether that be in a club,  bar or similar.

Post installation, we will design a personalised animated home screen to display when the Pod is not in use.  This can show venue branding, sample photos and pricing to help attract customers to use the system.

It works by the customer approaching the pod and paying by card (contactless or insert). The machine will then begin counting down and will take four separate photos which are then printed straight from the machine for the user to keep. They will receive two identical photo strips (measurements vary) as well as the access to the photo’s online via a unique code.


lola lo selfie pod
lola lo selfie pod

What is unique about the selfie pod?

We know that one of the most exiting parts of using a photo booth or taking a selfie is the fun you have getting ready for it. The silly poses and fail photos are the ones we look back and laugh at the most…which is why we combined the two! The selfie pod offers the ease of a selfie with the fun of a photo booth.


We recently installed one of our selfie pods at the Ibiza club, Eden. We placed a pod opposite a swing they have in their venue to capture fun images of Ibiza nightlife.

The pod cost 5 euros a go and the user received two identical 6×2 photo strips.

2 guys posing in Eden Ibiza selfie pod
Selfie Pod photo strip

Most recent clients?

You can now find our Selfie pods live across the country in the following locations:

  • Lola Lo – Bristol
  • Lola Lo – Reading
  • Le Fez – Putney
  • Fez club – Cambridge

Interested in the selfie pod for your event? Get in touch for more information and to get a quote.