Theme Park Video System

Do you need a customised video system that
can capture the emotion, excitement and experience of a thrilling theme park ride?

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Video content is one of the most influential and important mediums to utilise for promotion and branding online. Our Theme Park Video System is ideal for capturing the thrills and spills of a ride experience on video as well as getting memorable footage of authentic reactions to amazing experiences. Give your guests the perfect way to offer remember their experiences with an unforgettable souvenir that also serves your business as well as digital promotional content.

How our Theme Park Video System works

  • Each customer receives a wristband with their personal ID. This is used to link each activity to their personal online account.
  • Before they take on a challenge at your activity centre or park, their wristband is scanned.
  • Our system continually records footage from all cameras.
  • Based upon receiving ID scans from participants and a trigger from a button, beam break or movement sensor, it outputs a video based upon a pre-defined storyboard.
  • All video and stills are output with your bespoke branding overlaid and are linked to the initial ID(s) scanned at the start of the activity.
  • Video and stills are then uploaded to the microsite for viewing and can be shown on local screens for customers to see.

See the results: Adrenalin Quarry

A fantastic example of innovative ways in which our technology and systems have been utilised can be seen in our work with client Adrenalin Quarry. Capturing up-close video of hair-raising, mid-air experiences proved to be extremely popular with attraction attendees as well as through social media channels online. Our video solution for theme parks negates long periods of waiting around for photos and seamlessly integrates with the experience of the ride or attraction.

Truly customisable and scalable

Ideal for the action and adrenaline activities that theme parks offer, our system creates a totally customised video for each guest and every experience. We also offer real variety in our camera options with hidden pinhole cameras (for secret video), high-end dome cameras and even full 360 immersive cameras.

Whatever experience you are looking to capture, Shoot Systems has the hardware, software and expertise to obtain the required result. For more information on how our theme park video system can be scaled and customised to suit your needs perfectly, get in touch with our knowledgeable team.