Trampoline Park Video System

If you run a trampoline park, we have the perfect way to enhance your marketing output. Find out how a trampoline park video system can benefit you.

Have you ever considered setting up a video system for your trampoline park? A fantastic way to enhance your marketing output, a trampoline park video system lets your customers have a record of their exploits to take away, upload branded video and photos to social media and show everyone how much fun your trampoline activity centre can be. Here’s how it works…

Capturing the action

Capture all your customers’ moves on camera with our ActionZone video system. Designed to record any activity but particularly suited to a trampoline park, this clever, automated video system can display instant footage of every jump. Play with the speed for a slow motion replay or show real-time jumps from multiple angles; whatever’s included you can produce an instant video souvenir for all your trampoline park customers.

Sharing the shots

Bouncing, diving, leapfrogging and vaulting, a trampoline park is a veritable hive of activity. To get a taste for what you offer, it’s important for potential customers to see some of that energy in action. Why not keep it real by letting your customers share actual video footage that shows them trampolining in style at your establishment? It’s a simple and easy process that even the most ardent technophobe can manage: customers scan a personal wristband or card with a unique QR code and they’ll be taken to a link that lets them view and share their videos and photos with ease.

Benefits of branded video content

Adding a trampoline park video system brings benefits for all! By offering instantly accessible, compelling branded content that can be shared with friends you’ll make your customers happier and your business more prosperous.

Benefits for customers include:

  • Happy memories captured for posterity
  • Instant footage so that they can see themselves in action straight away
  • Eye-catching content for their social media pages
  • Something extra that they won’t get at rival trampoline parks

Their friends can also benefit by ‘trying before they buy’ – seeing the footage will help them to understand more about what they can get up to on your trampolines before they stump up the admission fee.

Benefits for your business include:

  • An extra marketing medium with no effort required – the video system is completely automated
  • Increased awareness as videos carrying your branding are shared by customers with their friends
  • An easy way to create content for corporate videos and advertisements.

A scalable solution for any set-up

We understand that different trampolining centres have different layouts and set-ups, and you might want something from your trampoline park video system that other establishments don’t offer. That’s absolutely fine – our system is scalable and can be designed bespoke for each client. We can work with you to establish how the cameras are set up, what they’ll capture, the length of each video and whatever else is important for you to include.

Find out more

For more information about setting up a trampoline park video system in your trampoline activity centre, just call us on 01727 858 463.