Do you need a customised photo system that
has been developed especially for use at TV and film premiers?

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Our green screen for TV and films has been developed in order to promote television shows and film premiers. In the past, we’ve worked for companies such as Sky, BBC and Nickelodeon, where high volume throughput and speed is essential.

We seamlessly combine both green screen video and photos, offering a unique and interactive experience, far more entertaining than simply processing images on their own!

All branded photos are printed immediately ensuring that every customer goes away with a souvenir to remember their day.

Both photos and videos are available online via a unique image number or QR code. These can be shared via email or posted to social media to boost a brands exposure.

Our multi printer architecture allows us to provide very high volumes of prints and we regularly produce over 250 6×8 prints an hour in cinema receptions before film screenings.

Find out how our green screen for TV and film premiers can benefit your brand by getting in touch with a member of our team today.