Socailly DIstanced Santa


Wondering how Santa will work this year with all the COVID restrictions?


Look no further than our socially distanced virtual Santa solutions



Our new socially distanced Santa solutions can help keep the magic of Christmas alive

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Welcome to the new digital world of virtual Santa.  Enter the grotto, take a seat next to an empty Santa chair, simply say the words “I believe in the magic of Christmas”, then watch in disbelief as Santa magically appears in the seat next to you!   This is the perfect socially distanced Santa experience, as we can capture a great photo right next to Santa whilst complying with Government regulations.

See video below more information

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If your grotto just simply doesn’t have the space to maintain a 2-meter distance, Santa Cam is the way forward.  Imagine a ‘Zoom Call’ with Santa whilst he is busy building presents in his workshop. Each call will be a personal one to one chat with Santa. After your call, you will then be able to download and share your entire chat.

Demo Home Page Santa Cam

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For the larger grotto’s, you may still wish to have a Santa meet and greet. This solution allows you to take a photo within a 2-meter distance, then appear right next to Santa.

Social Distance Santa Photo


In a world full of uncertainties, it’s understandable to be concerned about how your customers are going to be able to see Santa this year!

That’s why Shoot Systems presents the Santa Gift Card Video Message.

– Customer pays for a gift card either in store or online –

– Customer information is received in store –

– Your Santa scans a QR and records a personalised video message –

– Customer Scans QR on gift card to watch, download and share personalised Santa message –

Try it out by scanning the QR code below:

Gift CArtd for Web

Easy to use

We possess many years of experience of working at some of the largest grottos in the country at Shoot Systems and know exactly what it takes to ensure a grotto runs effectively and efficiently. Our photo system is simple to understand and doesn’t require vast amounts of training or any prior experience. When developing our own innovative system we placed ease of use at the centre of our efforts and produced a simple to use and intuitive system that can be operated stress-free by grotto staff.

Sharing Santa Snaps is Easy

In today’s digital world, as soon a photo is taken it’s usually shared online within a matter of minutes and our Santa’s grotto solutions embrace this. Photos taken in our Grottos are instantly uploaded to our microsite. To access their photos customers simply visit the URL provided to them on a ticket and enter their unique ID number or scan their QR code. From here it’s really quick and easy to share their photos via e-mail or straight onto social media. This helps to cut out any unnecessary waiting around or difficulty in retrieving content and provides trackable metrics.

Keeping you Safe

All of our systems are fully automated with no need to be less than 2 meters apart from a staff member at any time.  Our software is fully customizable to suit any workflow upon request.

Our vast experience and technical innovation are central to our Santa’s Grotto solutions; for more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.