Do you need a customised photo system for your event that
is fully mobile and branded?

Walkabout photos video

At the heart of all of our systems is the ability to link everyone directly to their photo. Our transportable walkabout photography system is perfect for increasing brand awareness at events, providing an ideal marketing opportunity at festivals, exhibitions and shopping centres. There may be times at events where guests want to capture the more spontaneous moment with friends or family at events and our innovative system provides the perfect solution.

A truly mobile system

Our very own software, ShootNPrint, can operate in Walkabout mode and allows you to take photos anywhere and associate them to the user. This service is truly mobile, which means photos really can be taken almost anywhere on-site at the event. Images are then immediately linked to a secure QR code which is handed out to customers, allowing them to be immediately viewed on a branded microsite and downloaded to their own device. In addition to this, images can also be emailed or shared on social media giving valuable publicity and online reach to a campaign. This process can be combined with on-site printing and live slide shows to further maximise its potential and offer a wider sharing platform for all users.

Our walkabout photography system has been successfully used and enjoyed by huge numbers of guests at a number of high profile events, including Hard Rock Calling and the Jubilee Celebrations.


How does Walkabout Photography work?

When capturing these precious moments, there are two methods that can be used. This can be done by either shooting directly on an Android Camera or Android Phone for quick and simple photos. Or for a more immersive and special moment a professional DSLR Camera with an Android device connected to it.

The process however is the same for both methods.

  • The operator will take the photos of your guests or family or friends, giving you time to change poses and position for the perfect memory.
  • Next, QR code cards or wristbands are scanned so that everyone has their own unique access to the memories created at the event.
  • The Operator presses PROCESS to combine all photos and IDs into a single package making it extremely simple for guests to access them all in one place without losing or missing any photos. This way, they can be sure that they will find the perfect photo to share or print.
  • Our Walkabout System then automatically uploads all photos to the web or to the local server. This means that all of the content is ready to be viewed before making that vital decision whether to share or print the photos.
  • Finally, cards and wristbands are simply scanned to view all the great photos and videos taken throughout the course of the event ensuring you don’t miss a thing! If the system is being used in “Theme Park” mode where customers are purchasing photos, the customer card is scanned to the sales station for easy transactions.

For the purpose of publicity and exposure of your brand, all of the content that people are sharing online with friends and family can be fully branded with custom graphics. This makes sure your company receives the recognition it deserves and creates fantastic brand awareness.

For more information on how our walkabout photography service can benefit your business, get in touch with the Shoot Systems team today.