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In the age of the selfie and social media, photography has become the most powerful medium in marketing. As a result of this, you’ll find hundreds of solutions available online offering photo booths for events and marketing campaigns. It can be hard to make the right choice for your needs!


Here at Shoot Systems we’re proud of what sets us apart: Our green screen technology. Our commitment to innovation in technology has helped us become market leaders and continue to deliver a wide range of exceptional photo marketing solutions.

Why develop in-house?

We’ve developed our own unique software, systems and applications in-house as we aren’t tied to any third parties. 15 years ago we were searching for software sophisticated enough to deliver an unforgettable brand experience that could be operated by brand ambassadors and elves in Santa’s Grottos without the need for lengthy training, technical knowledge or prior experience.


The reason that we didn’t find the software solution we were looking for ultimately was simple: it did not exist.


To deliver the quality of product and service we were striving for we set about developing the software for photo marketing solutions ourselves. More than a million lines of code later we’re still continuing to develop our software to ensure we’re on the cutting edge of photo and green screen technology. This helps us provide customised services to suit any event, occasion or campaign.

Keeping Ahead Of The Curve

Every feature we have in our software has been implemented because a client like you has requested it. There is a very good chance that we already have the functionality you need, and if it’s not available we can add it. We welcome new ideas and requests from our clients as it pushes us to keep innovating and improving our offering.  It’s our aim to ensure that you able to deliver the ideal brand experience to your audience. With technology and internet of everything constantly evolving it’s vital that we do too.  To continue being market leaders, Shoot systems understand the importance of continuing to keep developing and progressing to remain at the forefront of photo marketing solutions.


A constant theme throughout all of our software is the ability to link people directly to their photos and videos regardless of where and when they are taken. Our industry experience has shown us exactly what people love about our services: the instant excitement and entertainment of obtaining photos or videos straight away.

Doctor Who themed green screen photography behind the scenes computer display


When progressing with our software and systems we focus on ensuring the high speed and ease of use that users are able to access to their content with. As well as a streamlined user experience, our systems are set up with security in mind making sure that only the customers with their unique number or QR code they have access to their content. All of our solutions make sharing content quick, easy and intuitive.

Image of camera used for walk about photography solutions

Ease of Use

Our innovative green screen technology and powerful software solutions wouldn’t be very effective if the users of our systems were unable to operate them with ease. Our ShootNPrint software is utilised in almost all of our video and photo solutions.  In the development of all of our photo and video systems, we’ve ensured that they retain ease of use and simple user interfaces, no matter how complex our technology is.

Person working on the green screen computer for Ford photo booth

Custom Hardware & Electronics

There are many times when we need to integrate a system into the real world, to receive input from a device, signal that scan has been received or to trigger an action.


We have the experience and expertise to custom develop hardware and electronics to meet these requirements.


Such developments have included:

  • Wireless triggering of DSLR cameras on ski slopes integrated with “traffic lights”
  • Triggers and LED indicators for ActionZone systems
  • Colour LEDs integrated to software actions and timers
  • RFID Scanners with LED indications
  • Triggering devices such as fans/lights as part of an activity
  • Triggering photo with completing a circuit with human connectivity

To find out more about green screen technology and our photo marketing solutions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Green screen technology equipment and behind the scenes