3 of the Best Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Experiential marketing involves getting consumers to interact with your brand, giving them memorable, personal experiences in order to build up a positive and long-lasting relationship. Check out some of the best experiential marketing campaigns of the past few years to inspire your own marketing.

1.   IKEA: bringing Swedish style home

Who hasn’t secretly wished they could spend a night in a store after closing time? Back in 2011, IKEA was inspired by a Facebook group (“I wanna have a sleepover in IKEA”) to host a pyjama party style sleepover in one of its stores in Essex. This is just one of many experiential marketing examples from the Swedish flat-pack giant, a company that goes out of its way to emphasise customer experiences (think of the immersive nature of a typical IKEA store, with its Swedish food, children’s crèche and homely rooms kitted out with stylish furniture).

2.   Fosters: one helluva marketing stunt

Aussie beer Fosters is known for its cheeky and irreverent brand image, so this immersive marketing campaign capitalised on that reputation to ask, “Why the Hell Not?”. The Helluva Tour involved a pop-up telephone box travelling from city to city throughout the UK, beckoning members of the public in for a chat. Footage from these conversations was shown on Channel 4 and the brand’s social media channels – and four strangers from the phone booth were selected to travel together in a campervan from the UK all the way to Australia! We have to declare an interest in this one – the videos were filmed using our unique Action Video technology.

3.   Red Bull Stratos Jump: a record-breaking feat

Red Bull is a brand that lends itself to exhilarating and daredevil experiences, capitalising on the energy boost provided by its drinks. So, it’s no surprise that this is a brand that has come up with some of the best experiential marketing campaigns in recent times. Back in 2012, the brand captured the public’s imagination and caught the attention of media outlets worldwide, with its sponsorship of an awe-inspiring world record attempt. Eight million people were brought together in a shared experience as they watched as Felix Baumgartner completed the highest-ever parachute jump and broke the speed of sound in the process.

Experiential marketing inspiration

Everybody has a secret urge to do something amazing – whether that’s acting opposite their favourite star, travelling to far-flung destinations or completing an amazing stunt. Some of the best experiential marketing campaigns out there have fulfilled a long-held dream with the use of green screen photography and video. Campaigns include this highly shareable Hard Rock Calling campaign, which turned everyone into a rock star for a day!

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