The Power of Branded Content

Selling your brand to today’s social media-savvy audiences can be tough. Traditional advertising can often be a turn-off, as can anything that comes across as too obviously sponsored or marketing-heavy. The solution? Branded content – a medium that when done well, convincingly straddles the line between advertising and editorial content, to deliver something of real value to consumers. Here we’ll demonstrate how well thought-out branded content can help you to connect and engage with your audience.

What is branded content?

Branded content is a truly 21st-century phenomenon, one that has grown up alongside social media. It reflects people’s desire and willingness to share interesting or entertaining snippets of content with like-minded friends, and their distaste for the hard sell.

So, what counts as branded content? It’s something that’s surprisingly difficult to define, but its main characteristics include:

  • Telling a story, getting people invested
  • Adding value – whether that’s interesting information or making people laugh or cry
  • Connecting on a personal or emotional level
  • The branding is secondary to the content: the product may not be mentioned at all

LEGO_logo.svgGreat branded content

Let’s take a look at some real-life instances of effective branded content at work.

Lego: The Lego movies

As content goes, a full-length feature film is about as rich as you can get. And Lego have somehow succeeded in creating not one but three blockbusting movies based around their classic product. The Lego movies are a fantastically successful example of branded content; appealing to their target audience of young children and Lego-loving adults alike through classic, good-versus-evil storytelling.  Although the appearance of Lego in the movies is anything but subtle, it nevertheless takes a back seat to the primary purpose of entertainment.

Always: #LikeAGirl

A completely different take on the branded content approach, Always have created a suite of serious and thought-provoking content, under its #LikeAGirl hashtag. Exploring the issues that affect girls and women, the brand has drawn attention to topics that affect its core audience, from puberty to sexist emojis. This is a really clever approach that has taken the focus away from the product and raised awareness of emotional issues that really matter to people.

What branded content could do for you

As we’ve seen, branded content can be a powerful addition to your marketing arsenal. With the right approach, your branded content could help you to:

  • Reach new audiences
  • Engage with your customers and forge a more meaningful relationship
  • Attract media attention and get more publicity
  • Make more sales!

Here at Shoot Systems, we can help you to create branded video and photographic content that your audience will love. Our work for Hard Rock Calling appealed to everyone’s inner rock star – producing some fantastically shareable branded content that reflected the festival’s rock’n’roll vibe. We gave VIP guests the opportunity to dress up and pose with guitars, microphones and drums, photographing the results. The images created were exciting and memorable; an example of branded content that elicits a reaction.

Want to create great branded photo or video content? Shoot Systems specialises in green screen photo marketing solutions. Contact us for help and inspiration today.