The power of Green Screen

Photography has come a long way over the past 100 years. With modern technology contributing to the manufacturing of better cameras, we were able to take higher quality photos. With travel becoming easier and more affordable, we have been able to have access to dream locations around the world. Step forward green screen which has the ability to take high quality photos with the illusion of being in any desired location.

Although travelling the world and snapping unforgettable memories will not be replaced by green screen photography, it does provide huge benefits to many companies and industries (such as a certain film industry known as Hollywood!) and provides a fun and memorable moment in itself. Here at Shoot Systems we pride ourselves on our use of green screen photography, using it to promote for global brands such as Microsoft, AIG, and Nissan to name but a few.

More recently, green screen photography has become an integral part of our photo solutions at Santa’s Grottos around the country. With the current pandemic forcing governments to abide by the social distancing policy (which we agree is the correct thing to do!), we at Shoot Systems have used our green screen knowledge to provide these grottos with socially distanced Santa’s grotto photo solutions including a virtual Santa, Santa cam, and magical photo overlay, to continue providing children to meet Santa and providing families with the opportunity to capture this memorable moment. All thanks to the use of green screen!


Man scaling tall building with green screen photography