The Rise of the Trampoline Park!

Our leisure time is no longer simply a matter of a walk in the park or a trip to the swimming pool. Today, there’s more choice than ever when it comes to recreational pursuits. One venue that has bounced into popularity is the trampoline park – a place where people of all ages can let their hair down and have fun.

Tots, teens and top brass

In many ways, it’s a no-brainer. The exhilaration of leaping and somersaulting with ease, combined with the relative accessibility of the activity (unlike comparable pursuits like bungee jumping, it’s suitable for everyone from tiny tots upwards) mean that the rise of the trampoline park should come as no surprise. In some areas, trampoline parks are even hired out to schools for PE lessons – that’s got to be better fun than running around in a cold and muddy field.

The demographics enjoying the natural high of the trampoline also encompass more unlikely sections of the population. Increasingly, corporate teams are heading to the parks to kick back and enjoy some dynamic, team-building fun. It’s certainly a great way to loosen up, break through boundaries and inject a bit of energy into your working day!

Overnight success

Rise-of-the-trampoline-park-500X300Trampoline parks are a distinctly new addition to our recreational life here in the UK. The first park, Bounce, only opened its doors in Milton Keynes as recently as 2014. Since then, the popularity of the trampoline park has soared skywards. With upwards of 180 venues now open to would-be acrobats in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it’s a phenomenon that’s really taking off.

What is it about trampoline parks that has made them such an overnight success? Aside from the fun factor, these venues have all the hallmarks of a popular and prosperous consumer choice. Combining music, movement and high spirits with the nostalgia of childhood, trampoline parks can also cash in on the usual side-lines that make the perfect all-in-one leisure venue.

After burning up all that energy, the food and drink area is the perfect place for customers to relax and refuel. Classes, special events and private hire for parties are natural side-lines that help to bring in extra income and attract niche clients.

Shoot Systems trampoline park video systems offer patrons the perfect way to show off their daredevil antics to friends and family.

If you run a trampoline park and haven’t yet taken advantage of the Shoot Systems action video system, now’s the time to leap into action. Find out more or get a free quote by contacting us for more information.

Going viral with video

How does video tie in with the trampoline park experience? It’s simple: patrons enjoy their trampolining session, which is videoed automatically using a dedicated action video solution. When the fun is finished, they can access the footage, which is capable of showing action replays and slow-motion sequences. It’s perfect as a practice aid for perfecting your skills – or simply as a fun-filled film to upload to Facebook.

It’s possible that trampoline park video systems (like that offered by Shoot Systems) could be partly responsible for their rapid rise in popularity. They’re a fantastic way for trampoline parks to market their venue – allowing customers to instantly upload their branded videos and attract their circle of friends.

From here, the only way is up!