Top Tips for Your Nightclub Marketing Strategy

Want to pull more people in? Here’s how to develop a nightclub marketing strategy that’ll raise brand awareness, attract more customers and get people talking (in a good way) about your club.

Brand your bar

What’s your brand image? Who’s your ideal customer? These are basic questions you’ll need to establish in order to market your nightclub successfully. If you’re still at an early stage in setting up your business it’s worth bringing in a brand consultant to help you develop a clear and compelling brand identity for your club.

Be seen locally

Your nightclub marketing plan needs to target local clubbers, so a large part of your focus should be on raising awareness in the right areas of town. As such, posters and flyers for club nights are a simple but effective campaign tool. Maximise their impact with a touch of digital marketing: include a QR code that can be scanned to include a map and directions, as well as free entry or discounted drinks.

Join forces

The best and most popular nightclubs are active within the local music scene. Think about what’s going on near you and consider joining forces with a local record store, music shop or other business that serves the same clientele. Sponsor a music festival, advertise in a dance magazine or host a pop-up beer tasting event, to help establish your club among your target audience.

Find a niche

Is there a gap in the market that you can fill? If you’re trying to attract a different type of customer, pull them in by putting on an event targeted at their demographic. Ladies’ nights, fancy dress contests, tribute bands, foam parties and charity events are just a few nightclub ideas to try.

Ask for feedback

If you want to succeed, you’ll need to know what you’re doing right, and what could be improved. Don’t be afraid to ask your punters what they think. Ask them to do a quick survey in exchange for a free drink, or just include a suggestion box somewhere prominent in the club. Show them you take their views seriously by dealing promptly with complaints and negative feedback.

Keep a list

The most valuable type of customer is a repeat customer, so it pays to develop a relationship with your guests. Stay in touch by mailing people regularly with news, discounts and promotions to tempt them back. If you don’t already have an email list, set one up and encourage (or bribe!) people to opt in.

Get social

Have you harnessed the power of social media to promote your club? You probably have a Facebook account and an Instagram presence, but there may be more you can do to get the best out of these free and powerful marketing tools. Why not install a social media photo booth where clients can get great-quality, shareable snaps of their night out? By branding them with your logo, you’ll get some fantastic exposure among your target audience.

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