Top Tips on Promoting an Event with Photography and Video

Create a buzz around your next event by putting photography and video centre stage. Need some tips for effective photo marketing? Check out our failsafe guide to promoting an event by using eye-catching images and must-see videos.

Always use professional quality, high definition photo and video content

Not all imagery is created equal. Anyone can now publish photos and videos to the internet with
ease, but low-quality content can show your brand in a poor light. So, if you want to get everyone talking for all the right reasons, you need to invest in high quality photos and videos that really reflect the excitement and energy of your event. When promoting an event you can do this by hiring a professional photographer to take some shots, or even by using automated photo systems that generate high definition images and videos without requiring extra input from you.

Capture photos and videos that cry out to be shared

Collage of photography to promote an eventSocial sharing using online media can be an extremely powerful way to promote your event. A modern-day way to get word-of-mouth recommendations, social media is a tool that needs to be taken seriously and used wisely. One of the best ways to create highly shareable content is to capture professional quality, personalised shots of individuals enjoying your event and enable them to upload it quickly and easily to their chosen social media platform. Our Walkabout Photography solution is a great example of a mobile photography system that lets visitors easily access and upload their photo and video content.

Create branded content to raise awareness

If you’re promoting an event, it’s important to make people sit up and take note of your brand. There’s no point in getting your photos
and videos circulated online if nobody knows where they came from. Branded imagery allows you to add your company or event logo and other details to all your content, so that it always links directly back to you. At Shoot Systems, all our photography solutions are designed to let you promote your event, with all photo and video content fully customisable with your choice of branding and graphics.

Utilise the latest technology for content that truly stands out

Hard rock calling photography to promote an eventIf you’re looking to differentiate yourself from the competition when promoting an event, hi-tech solutions can provide the wow factor you’re looking for.

Green screen photography can be a highly effective promotional tool, however you use it. Whether you choose to make the most of the green screen to create outlandish backdrops or simply utilise the technology to show your visitors enjoying the best bits of your event, this is an option that will always make your imagery more interesting.

3D photography is an exciting way to generate unique, 360-degree media that brings a whole new dimension to your marketing and promotion.

Kickstart your event promotion with Shoot Systems

Make your event a sell-out with photography and video solutions from Shoot Systems. For more information on promoting an event with the Walkabout Photography system or any of our other solutions, contact us today on 01727 858 463.