Top Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness isn’t something you can achieve overnight. Instead, for most brands, it’s the result of lots of tiny actions over a long period of time. That said, there are many easy ways to achieve increased awareness. Follow our tips to increase brand awareness and get your name recognised.

Be targeted in your approach

Yes, you could blow your marketing budget on a two-minute national TV advert. But if your product is industry-specific, or you only offer services locally, that would be a waste of resources! Instead, it’s important to build brand awareness among your target audience, considering their location, age group and interests. So the first tip is to do your homework: know who you want to reach out to, and which channels are likely to be most effective among your chosen demographic.

Sponsor a good cause

Get your name out there while supporting something you believe in! Sponsorship can be a great choice for many brands: it will increase your presence and make your name familiar, and will also help you to align yourself with the values that are important to you. If you sell an energy drink, you might choose to sponsor a running event. If you are an estate agent, your local school could be a good partner.  By choosing the right sponsorship partner, you’ll benefit from exposure to their existing audience.

Offer added value

It’s no surprise that many modern brand awareness strategies are centred around social media. It’s a fantastic way to get your story across to interested individuals, so a carefully crafted branded content campaign can be really powerful. If you operate in a specialist industry, informative blogs offering new insights are likely to get shared – and they’ll work to build you a reputation as a trusted expert in your field. If your product is something fun, tie it in with an entertaining video or encourage fans to upload and share pictures of themselves enjoying it.

Influence the influencers

High-profile bloggers and social media super-users can be a boon for brand awareness. Often, social media influencers are ordinary people who have built up a following due to their expertise on a particular topic, whether that’s fashion, parenting or science. By building a relationship with these powerful posters, you can make people aware of your brand. To gain coverage in this way you could offer a product for a review, or encourage them to offer your products as competition prizes.

Dinosaur eating man at Natural History Museum with green screen photographyCreate a three-dimensional brand experience

It’s said that we’re more likely to remember things that we experience, rather than facts we read or snippets we hear. So experiential marketing is a sensible choice for brands who really want to make their name and brand identity stick. Holding an interactive, pop-up event is a great way to get people’s attention and show them what you’re all about. By offering your guests the opportunity to create some highly shareable photos and videos, you’ll benefit from the publicity generated on social media, too.