Top Tips to Maximise Brand Exposure at Christmas

Holidays are coming… and people are getting ready to spend. At this time of year, sales increase by 30%, while retailers jostle for attention with seasonal sales and irresistible offers. It’s vital to maximise your brand exposure at this busy time: here we’ll show you how to market your brand at Christmas.

Dress up your brand with seasonal graphics

You know Christmas is coming when you get your first red cup from Starbucks. In the same way, you can build a sense of excitement and anticipation among your own customers, by updating your own branding imagery with a seasonal twist. Your holiday look should be festive but still on-brand; done well it will introduce some Christmas cheer, get your customers excited and even encourage them to spend more in store.

Host a Christmas event

The lead-up to Christmas is party season, making it the perfect time to host a festive event. Look for experiential marketing opportunities that will increase your brand exposure:  Santa’s grottos, snowball fights, ice skating and mince pie tasting are all great ways to inject a Yuletide flavour to your brand image. To get into the spirit of the season, you could partner with a local charity and donate the proceeds of your event.

Count down to the big day

The secret of Christmas marketing is fostering a sense of anticipation. Give your customers that childlike feeling of wonder and excitement by marking the countdown to Christmas: set up a social media advent calendar, entertain them with exclusive content, or offer a different discount every day.

Be inclusive

Focusing too hard on Christmas could make those from other faiths and cultures feel excluded – so why not open up your seasonal marketing to include other festivals and celebrations? With Diwali in November and Hanukkah at the beginning of December, there are plenty of opportunities to bring people together with some inclusive festive marketing.

Give a gift

Marketing at Christmas needs to incorporate the feel-good factor. Your Christmas presence should engender that spirit of giving, so now’s the time to introduce seasonal cheer with competitions and giveaways. Everybody’s a sucker for a free gift, so being generous with complimentary handouts will help you to win customer loyalty and encourage reciprocal spending. (Plus, it’s just a nice thing to do).

Engage the emotions

Think of the best Christmas films and ads: they all have that tear-jerking element that tugs on the heart strings. In your Christmas marketing, try to come up with a campaign that will really resonate with your audience. Whether you are doing something fantastic in your local community or selling a product that will transform their Christmas, now’s the time to show your human side.

Reach out on social media

Get your brand out there on social media this Christmas. One fantastic way to achieve this is to help friends and family to connect with each other by offering attractive and shareable content. With green screen photo marketing, individuals can share fun and festive images and videos – the perfect way to celebrate Christmas with their friends all over the world.

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